• I'm adding ability category descriptions to each of my characters' custom abilities. Should this also be done for official abilities and others' customs?

    These descriptions will detail which franchise they come from (if exclusive to one or two), what they do, and how to activate them.

    Example: [Acrobatics allows its user to interact with Twirl Poles and Acrobat Walls, as well as jump higher than characters without the ability. Interactibles are colored blue and pink, much like Wyldstyle.]

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    • Also... I need to ask why every Vent Access page hasn't been recategorized into Slurp Access; Vent Access is the ability TLBM Robin has.

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    • If you want me to give descriptions to your Custom Abilities, provide me with the Custom Abilities article you made.

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    • Hmm, I'll try to describe my custom abilities.


      Laxative allows characters/objects to shoot out ichor, as well as be immune to toxin.

      Vehicles such as Laxative Shooter and Wyvern have this ability.

       ==Wall Cut==

      Wall Cut allows characters/objects to cut walls, dig holes, or otherwise damage non-LEGO objects. This ability returns from LEGO Star Wars: III.

      Robert Jacob and his alternate characters are the only characters to have this ability.

      Bronze LEGO Blowup

      Bronze LEGO Blowup allows Minifigures to use a firearm which is not a bazooka or rocket launcher to destroy bronze LEGO bricks.

      Every Finn Army character and some others have this ability.

      This is just to name a few.

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    • Harmony Locks

      This ability allows the player to unlock Harmony Locks by placing the figure with the ability on each section of the Toy Pad for 5 seconds each.

      Cloud Kicking

      This ability allows the player to destroy Clouds that drop peices to solve puzzles or access secret areas.

      Sonic Rainboom Switches

      This ability allows the player to activate Sonic Rainboom Switches by walking up to one, pressing B or O to activate it, and mashing A or X until the 4 lights on the switch turn green.

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