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The Thirteenth Doctor is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch. She is the thirteenth incarnation of The Doctor that is playable upon purchasing the Time Lord Fun Pack for the Doctor Who franchise


The Thirteenth Doctor was the result of her predecessor's last stand for kindness. This incarnation of the Doctor believed in hope and practised compassion, providing help to anyone who asked.

After being separated from her TARDIS during her post-regenerative trauma, the Doctor was assisted in her recovery by Graham and Grace O'Brien, Ryan Sinclair and Yasmin Khan. Following a battle with the Stenza she dubbed Tim Shaw that resulted in Grace's death, the Doctor inadvertently brought Graham, Ryan and Yaz with her in her search for the TARDIS.

After finding the TARDIS, the Doctor initially planned to take the trio back home, making several accidental trips along the way. After briefly returning to Sheffield, they officially joined the Doctor in her travels and shared a close, familial bond, calling themselves Team TARDIS.

Though at first she kept her past very much behind her, sharing almost nothing about herself even to her closest friends, the Doctor's history began to catch up with her when she met a new incarnation of the Master, and discovered that he had ravaged their home planet Gallifrey.

As her history began to unravel, with a mysterious new incarnation on the run, Jack Harkness returning and a Lone Cyberman reawakening a new Cyber-Army, she eventually found herself back on Gallifrey. Here, the Doctor uncovered the secret of her own past lives as the Timeless Child.

Unsure of her identity following the revelation of her past, the Doctor was arrested by the Judoon and imprisoned for decades in an asteroid prison for 7,000 offences. Rescued by Jack, the Doctor returned to her companions only to discover that ten months had passed for them and that things had changed while she was away. After defeating the Defence Drones and Death Squad Daleks, Ryan and Graham chose to resume their lives on Earth while the Doctor continued her adventures with Yaz.