The Vortress is a location in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch where it serves as Grand Emperor Enoch's secret base inside one of his own vortexes.


Before the Grand Interdimensional War, Grand Emperor Enoch began his rise to power and became the most feared man in history of Lego humankind. Enoch's powers were so great that besides his castle, he built his fortress inside a red rift and names it The Vortress, a secret fortress inside of a vortex.

Grand Interdimensional War

After Enoch's Castle was destroyed, he fought the heroes in the final battle. Enoch gets hit by Thor's Stormbreaker axe and retreats into his rift, quickly trying to recover. Once reaching to the Vortress, Andy, Eron and Elena break the four crystals and enter the tower. The Vortress breaks apart and the rift sends them to Vormir where Enoch met his ultimate demise. The Vortress is never seen or heard of again.

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