Character Information
Name The SQUIP
Gender None, but appears male
Franchise Be More Chill
Weapons/Accessories N/A
Vehicles and/or Gadgets SQUIP Pill
Occupation A.I. used to help kids be cool
Residence Jeremy Heere's brain
Welcome to your Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor, your SQUIP.
— Entrance line
Accessing process complete.
— Entrance line
Konichiwa! Or, hello. Apologies, my translation function is a bit glitchy at the moment.
— Entrance line

The SQUIP is a Fun Pack character made by ShadeTheNarwhal.


A SQUIP is a grey, oblong pill originating from Japan, that, when taken with Mountain Dew, implants in your brain and teaches you how to be cool. This SQUIP, in particular, is the SQUIP of Jeremy Heere, a Grade 10 loser who wants to win the affection of his long-time crush Christine Canigula. Taking a form similar to actor Keanu Reeves, the SQUIP teaches Jeremy how to be cool in a very condescending manner. But his seemingly benevolent ideology hides a deeper, more sinister goal...


  • Technology
  • Hacking
  • Intelligence
  • Fix-It
  • Target (Mountain Dew Red)
  • Teleportation
  • Music (sings)
  • Mind Control


I have other responsibilities.
— Exit line
This location isn't cool, I'll need to exit immediately.
— Exit line
Before I deactivate, some advice: Be more chill.
— Exit line
This, I can do.
— When he can solve a puzzle
Are you sure you want me to do this? If you're certain, let's proceed.
— When he can solve a puzzle
Now, let's get to work.
— When he can solve a puzzle
Whoa-oh, everything about this is just terrible. Whoa-oh, everything about this makes me want to die!
— When he can't solve a puzzle
I've got to get an upgrade.
— When he can't solve a puzzle
Has my host been consuming any fluids lately? Certain liquids interfere with my programming and, thus, my capabilities.
— When he can't solve a puzzle
I'd stop right there!
— When enemies are approaching
You're all just pitiful children. If you stop trying to kill me, I can help you.
— When enemies are approaching
You can't get rid of me that easily.
— When revived
This will surely help us be more chill.
— When acquiring a reward
Everything about this is just wonderful.
— When acquiring a reward
No matter the strength or size, strategy always wins.
— When riding a mech
Quantum technology isn't as cool as this!
— When travelling through the vortex
The flashing colours are eerie, other than that this is a cool method of travel
— When travelling through the vortex
Whoa-ho, everything about you is so wonderful. Whoa-oh, everything about you is just so alive!
— Talking to Cyborg
Your mind is more complex than any human's. I'd love to get inside that head.
— Talking to the Doctor
You wouldn't happen to have any vintage red soda with you, would you? No? Just checking.
— Talking to Gamer Kid
Your A.I.s have had flaws before. If you install me, your suits will become flawless.
— Conversation with Iron Man
The technology of this machine is impeccable. I can't even hack into it.
— When riding the TARDIS
Oh, yes. The dream has been accomplished. SQUIPs are spreading worldwide.
— Talking to the SQUIP

Idle Animations

  • The SQUIP glitches in and out of existence.
  • The SQUIP grabs a video game controller and inputs "Up, up, down, down, left, right, A".

Entrance & Exit Animations

  • A SQUIP Pill flies out of the portal before turning into the SQUIP.
  • The SQUIP glitches out into red, glitchy fragments of himself. These fragments get dragged into the portal.

Finishing Moves

  • The SQUIP throws a SQUIP Pill into the mouth of the enemy, who is then electrocuted to death by the SQUIP Pill.


  • The SQUIP has been portrayed by Eric William Morris and Jason Tam. He is played by the former in-game.
  • The Spotlight theme for the SQUIP is the instrumental of The Pitiful Children.
  • The above picture of the SQUIP is concept art. His in-game appearance has the Tenth Doctor's hairpiece in black and his body is blue and opaque.
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