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The Player
The Player.png
Character Information
Name The Player
Gender Male
Franchise De Mansio
Weapons/Accessories *Akuma
  • Staff
  • Wand
Occupation Universal Guardian
Residence Virtual Reality Room
Been there, done that... you need my help, right?
— The Player's first line when entering the game
Now, about that root beer I owed ya.
— The Player's second line when entering the game
Ah, here we are!
— The Player's third line when entering the game

The Player is a De Mansio character in LEGO Dimensions.


The Player awakens in a decrepit house. They realize the door is boarded up, and kick it down. The Player than realizes their village is under attack by Se Ni, a version of them with reversed colors. Se Ni kills all of The Player's neighbors, but keeps them as hostage on his zeppelin, ostectomizing them with deer horn knives.

The Player, now boneless, is brought to Se Ni's steel throne, and is told that he was brought on due to him resembling Se Ni overly, and that Se Ni was impressed that he survived getting his skeleton removed. Se Ni offers to restore his skeletal structure, if The Player joins him. The Player declines no matter what, and Se Ni tosses their skin into the furnace, where it burns to ashes.

The Player's soul lives on, however, and is met by Akuma, a ghost. The spirit explains that the player, although having had their former body destroyed, has now unlocked their true potential; Mind Control using masks that only Raimps can uncover. Fusing with Akuma, the hybrid is guided across the Purgatory, before escaping via possessing an Espouse Mask, and as such, turns into one. The Espouse than fires a molten boulder at Hades, distracting him, before escaping into a nearby Hell Portal.

Akuma, now back on Earth, finds an abandoned mansion, which the duo decides they must use as a hideout. Possessing Robert Jacob, using a Guy Fawkes Mask, the structure turns out to be Jacob Manor, and the two decide they will restore the humongous cottage to it's former glory, as well as get their just desserts with Se Ni. Robert Jacob Akuma is now led to explore the remains of his abode in attempts to find more masks. However, an idol plows into the ceiling, and it turns out that there are monsters having invaded. After killing some of them, they face off against Diplocephalus, a two faced flying snake. After fighting the reptile and piercing him through both of his heads with an ice spike, the Ancient Masked Heroes arrive, giving the player more options for characters. However, they are also warned that the enemy monsters have gotten more destructive over the years, and it will take hundreds, if not thousands of different forms to beat them all. The Player and Akuma now set off, while additionally being given the option to choose a form of one of the Ancient Heroes before setting off to more territories.


  • Mask Switch
    • Laser (Espouse Mask/Mario Mask/David Mask)
    • Digging (Robert Mask/Rex Mask)
      • Drill
    • Ichor (Diplocephalus Mask)
    • Acrobatics (Luigi Mask)
    • Invincibility (Bowser Mask)
    • Spin Dash (Knuckles Mask/Potato Mask)
    • Diving (Chase Mask)
    • Sword Switches (Lance Mask)
    • Target (Trigger Mask)
    • Vine Cut (Meco Mask)
  • Magic (Sunstick)
    • Magic Shield
    • Magic Portal
  • Red Demon Brick Smash (Moonstick)
    • Dark Magic
  • Drone Mazes (Akuma)
  • Super Strength
    • Super Strength Handles
    • Fistlock


Catch ya later, I'll buy ya a root beer.
— The Player's first line when leaving the game
— The Player's second line when leaving the game
It's getting louder, eh?
— The Player's third line when leaving the game
Getting awfully quiet, eh?
— The Player's line when idle
Won't break a sweat; I've defeated DEMONS, yo.
— The Player's line in combat
Eh, bald boy, I think I know you but I don't know how!
— The Player talking to Aang
So, you like the color orange, huh?
— The Player talking to Sunstorm
Hey, you aren't the one who is always causing me visionary problems, are you?
— The Player talking to The Darkness
You keep dreams, huh? Do you also keep nightmares?
— The Player talking to Dreamkeeper
I've used your form before, Mr. Mario!
— The Player talking to Mario
You've caught a shark before? Sweet.
— The Player talking to Martin Brody
You're the Jacob guy, no? I've used your form before!
— The Player talking to Robert Jacob
I'm not much of an artist, maybe you could teach me your skills?
— The Player talking to TheOdd1sOut
I've been writing up my conspiracy theory on you, you little blue devil!
— The Player talking to Smurf
So, you guard the Quantum River, huh? I'm not good at guarding stuff; I tried working as a prison guard once, but I got too drunk to do my job properly, and then...
— The Player talking to AnthonyM
You keep dreams? Always thought that was Sandman's job, guess he just helps people sleep.
— The Player talking to Dreamkeeper
You're one of the last of them, eh?
— The Player talking to Ellie
Player, The Player.
— The Player talking to James Bond
Ben 10/10 IGN. My game did get that score, right?
— The Player talking to Ben Tennyson
You have an arm cannon? Sweet, all I have is the hand cannon.
— The Player talking to Samus Aran
You're the guy of crystals? I know quite a little about them; you see, crystals are formed in igneous rock...
— The Player talking to Crystallon
What's up, duck?
— The Player talking to Daffy Duck


  • Like Sonic, Mega Man, and Sunstorm, The Player has the same death animation as in De Mansio, where he explodes into gibs (represented by red, white, tan, and pink LEGO studs).