The Multiverse is the core of existence in which the universes that compromise the entirety of time and space. It is the main plot device of both LEGO Dimensions and LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch. Many villains attempted to rule it, destroy it, or recreate it, most notably, Lord Vortech and Grand Emperor Enoch.

The only world that is not part of the Multiverse is Tyranus. This caused Enoch to create a Map to Tyranus and hide it from the heroes, but fortunately for him, Enoch's Troopers had failed to protect the map as part of a plan to destroy the heroes for good.


The LEGO Multiverse was created by the Foundation Entities along with the Foundation Elements before they scattered across the dimensions.

Dimensions Crisis

X-PO finds the origin of the Foundation Elements and is then banished by Lord Vortech. Lord Vortech uses his powers to assemble a fortress surrounding the origin point. From this point forward Vortech uses Foundation Prime as his home base from which he captures heroes and good guys and sends villains and bad guys to carry out his takeover of all the dimensions by returning the Foundation Elements to their point of origin. Vortech uses his powers to assemble obstacles to stop BatmanGandalf, and Wyldstyle from reaching his fortress but they do finally arrive and fight Vortech to save their friends. However, their attempts to banish Vortech fail and the villains collect the final Foundation Elements from Vorton revealing the Green Baseplate which Vortech uses to assemble The Tri from Robin, Frodo, and MetalBeard. The Heroes return to a final fight with Vortech and imprison him into another reality, thus saving the multiverse.

The Rise of Enoch

After or Before the end of the Dimensional Crisis, Enoch began his rise to power after escaping from the Interdimensional Criminal Asylum to go into hiding while collecting the Foundation Elements for 25 years.

After going into hiding, Enoch decided to come out of the shadows and declare war on the Iron Resistance. His mission began when he travels to the DC Universe to collect a Gold Kryptonite, better than a regular Kryptonite and recruits Darkseid and his army of Apokolips. He then travels to the Marvel Comics world to steal the Infinity Stones from their respective owners, stole the Nano Gauntlet from the New Avengers Facility and recruits Thanos and his army. He then travels to The Lego Movie World to steal the Kragle and recruit Rex Dangervest. Upon learning that Andy and his friends found a Foundation Element, he decided to confront them personally. By the time he arrives at The Adventures of Clutch Powers World, he finally found Andy and quickly uses his dark magic to steal the Golden Sword before overpowering each and every member of Andy's Iron Resistance.

After the fight, Enoch travels to the center of the multiverse, Foundation Prime, to steal the Foundation Gauntlet from the Temple of Foundation and meeting the Vortonian criminals who would later form Foundation Crime.

Enoch travels to The Wizard of Oz World with the gauntlet to fearlessly confront Oz to find the Ruby Slippers, currently being worn by Dorothy Gale. Foundation Crime kidnaps Dorothy and Toto and takes them to Tyranus. Successfully gathering all of the Foundation Elements, Enoch kidnaps Elizabeth Goldbrick and uses Tyranus' superweapon to destroy the Watchtower, the Interdimensional Criminal Asylum, and Yavin 4.

Fate of the Multiverse


Andy and Doctor Strange's vision of Enoch's multiverse.

"The fate of the multiverse rests in your hands" -Vaden to Andy.
Enoch summons Thanos, Darkseid, Voldemort, Rafael, Snoke and Darth Sidious onto the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth floors of the tower and Enoch builds the Wither on the sixth floor. Just as Andy arrived, Enoch explained his whole plan to him and that he would become so unstoppable because of his help. He then used the Mind Stone on Elizabeth and orders her to destroy him into pieces while he begins to absorb the Foundation Elements' powers into him. Eventually, Andy's friends break into the throne room and stopped Enoch from becoming unstoppable. Portech intervenes and gives Enoch the Chaos Emeralds so that he can absorb the Foundation Elements' powers again but his children, Eron and Elena, having a change of heart, betrays their father and destroys his entire castle. Enoch absorbed the Foundation Elements' powers, uses them to break out of the rubble and traps Andy into a ring of fire for the final battle. He uses the Foundation Gauntlet to summon his armies and transforms into his giant form. The Avengers, The Justice League, and others attack Enoch with their best shot. Thor uses Stormbreaker and slightly breaks the red crystal on his chestplate. Enoch escapes into the rift and hides in his own fortress named The Vortress. Andy, Eron and Elena followed him in to have one last battle. Eron grabs his father's hand, trying to grab the Foundation Gauntlet but he is pushed into Andy. Enoch prepares for the final blow but Elena sneakily steals the gauntlet, tosses it to Andy and lets him take Enoch to Vormir. Andy uses the Foundation Gauntlet to destroy the red crystal, greatly wounding him before being tossed off the edge to his death, ending the Grand Interdimensional War and freeing the Multiverse once again.

Inhabitants (A-Z)

  1. Aayla Secura
  2. Adi Gallia
  3. Ahsoka Tano
  4. Albus Dumbledore
  5. Alfred Pennyworth
  6. Anakin Skywalker
  7. Andross
  8. Andy Starheart
  9. Anti-Monitor
  10. Ap'lek
  11. Aragorn
  12. Armando Salazar
  13. Batgirl
  14. Batman
  15. Batman (1966)
  16. Batman (1989)
  17. Batman (Dark Knight)
  18. Batman (Golden Age)
  19. Batman (The Lego Movie)
  20. Bellosh
  21. Bill Cipher
  22. Black Skeleton
  23. Black Skeleton King
  24. Blackbeard
  25. Bombinomicon
  26. Boo
  27. Boolio
  28. Boris the Animal
  29. Bowser
  30. Brainiac
  31. Bruce Wayne
  32. Captain Falcon
  33. Catwoman
  34. Catwoman (1966)
  35. Catwoman (The Lego Movie)
  36. Clark Kent
  37. Colonel Drad
  38. Cosmic Mario
  39. Count Dooku
  40. Cutler Beckett
  41. Dan McBrick
  42. Danny Phantom
  43. Dark Pit
  44. Dark Samus
  45. Darkseid
  46. Darth Malgus
  47. Darth Maul
  48. Darth Plagueis
  49. Darth Sidious
  50. Darth Vader
  51. Davy Jones
  52. Demoman
  53. Diddy Kong
  54. Dipper Pines
  55. Doctor Eggman
  56. Donkey Kong
  57. Dry Bones
  58. Edgar the Bug
  59. Eggman Super Battle Droid
  60. Elena
  61. Elite Praetorian Guard
  62. Elizabeth Goldbrick
  63. Elizabeth Swann
  64. Engineer
  65. Enoch (Zombie)
  66. Enoch Dragon Rider
  67. Enoch Druid
  68. Enoch Knight
  69. Enoch Minion
  70. Enoch Super Battle Droid
  71. Enoch Trooper
  72. Eron
  73. Evilina
  74. EX-PO
  75. Ezra Bridger
  76. Falco Lombardi
  77. Finn
  78. First Order Jet Trooper
  79. First Order Stormtrooper
  80. First Order Stormtrooper Executioner
  81. First Order Stormtrooper Officer
  82. First Order Stormtrooper Sergeant
  83. Fox McCloud
  84. Galactus
  85. Gandalf
  86. Ganon
  87. Ganondorf
  88. General Grievous
  89. General Hux
  90. General Pryde
  91. Genji
  92. Gideon Gleeful
  93. Giga Bowser
  94. Gollum
  95. Goomba
  96. Gozer
  97. Grand Emperor Enoch
  98. Grand Empire Fleet Technician
  99. Grand Empire Officer
  100. Grand Empire Superior Officer
  101. Grand General Zyde
  102. Granga
  103. Grid
  104. Hammer Bro
  105. Han Solo
  106. Harry
  107. Harry Potter
  108. Hector Barbossa
  109. Hera Syndulla
  110. Hermione Granger
  111. Horseless Headless Horsemann
  112. Hulk Hogan
  113. Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
  114. Huntress (Helena Wayne)
  115. Indiana Jones
  116. Jack Skellington
  117. Jack Sparrow
  118. Jack Torrance
  119. James McBrick
  120. James McCloud
  121. Joe Chill
  122. Johnny Quick
  123. Kanan Jarrus
  124. Kevin McCallister
  125. Khan
  126. King Bob-Omb
  127. King Boo
  128. King Harkinian
  129. King K. Rool
  130. Kobe Bryant
  131. Kylo Ren
  132. Lady Palutena
  133. Lando Calrissian
  134. Leia Organa
  135. Lieutenant Briar Hackmore
  136. Link
  137. Lois Lane
  138. Lord Farquaad
  139. Lord Voldemort
  140. Lord Vortech
  141. Lord Vortoch
  142. Luigi
  143. Luke Skywalker
  144. Luma
  145. Luminara Unduli
  146. Lurtz
  147. Mabel Pines
  148. Mace Windu
  149. Major Pain
  150. Majora
  151. Mario
  152. Marion Ravenwood
  153. Martha Wayne
  154. Marty the Thwomp
  155. Marv
  156. Medic
  157. Merasmus
  158. Michael Jackson
  159. Miss Pauling
  160. Monoculus
  161. Nabooru
  162. Necromancer
  163. Nightwing
  164. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  165. Owlman
  166. Padmé Amidala
  167. Peppy Hare
  168. Pit
  169. Poe Dameron
  170. Power Ring
  171. Princess Daisy
  172. Princess Peach
  173. Princess Ruto
  174. Princess Zelda
  175. Puss in Boots
  176. Pyro
  177. Qui-Gon Jinn
  178. Ra's Al Ghul
  179. Rafael Darkstrom
  180. Red Robin
  181. ReDead
  182. Rex Dangervest
  183. Rey
  184. Rey (Dark Side)
  185. Robin
  186. Robot Andross
  187. Rollin
  188. Rosalina
  189. Sally Lockwood
  190. Samus Aran
  191. Saruman
  192. Sauron
  193. Scout
  194. Sea King
  195. Selina Kyle
  196. Serleena
  197. Shadow Mario
  198. Shadow Vortech
  199. Shrek
  200. Shy Guy
  201. Sith Eternal Cultist
  202. Sith Eternal Officer
  203. Sith Jet Trooper
  204. Sith Trooper
  205. Skull Kid
  206. Slippy Toad
  207. Smaug
  208. Sniper
  209. Snoke
  210. Solana
  211. Soldier
  212. Sonic the Hedgehog
  213. Sovereign Protector
  214. Spider-Man (Spider-Man Trilogy)
  215. SpongeBob SquarePants
  216. Spy
  217. Steve Trevor
  218. Stormtrooper
  219. Superboy (Conner Kent)
  220. Superboy (Jonathan Samuel Kent)
  221. Superman
  222. Superman (DCEU)
  223. Superman (The LEGO Movie)
  224. Superwoman
  225. Talia Al Ghul
  226. Ted DiBiase
  227. Temple Guardian
  228. Thanos
  229. The Batman Who Laughs
  230. The Joker
  231. The Joker (1966)
  232. The Joker (1989)
  233. The Joker (Dark Knight)
  234. The Joker (Dark Knight Returns)
  235. The Mummy
  236. The Tri
  237. Thomas Wayne
  238. Thwomp
  239. Timmy Turner
  240. Tracer
  241. Trinus
  242. Trudgen
  243. Two-Face
  244. Two-Face (1995)
  245. Two-Face (Dark Knight)
  246. Two-Face (DCAU)
  247. Two-Face (The Lego Movie)
  248. Ultraman
  249. Uruk-hai
  250. Ushar
  251. Vaden
  252. Vicrul
  253. Vigo
  254. Vortech Cultist
  255. Walter Starheart
  256. Waluigi
  257. Wario
  258. Wii Fit Trainer
  259. Will Turner
  260. Wither
  261. Wolf O'Donnell
  262. Wonder Woman
  263. Wonder Woman (DCEU)
  264. Wonder Woman (Golden Age)
  265. Wonder Woman (The Lego Movie)
  266. Wyldstyle
  267. Yoda
  268. Yoshi
  269. Zombie King

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