The Hyperion
The Hyperion
Owner Jim Raynor
Abilities Flight
Set Starcraft 2 Level Pack

The Hyperion is one of the Level Pack vehicles in LEGO Dimensions. It is Jim Raynor's personal vehicle and appears in the Starcraft 2 Level Pack.


The Hyperion is a Behemoth-class battlecruiser, currently commanded by Captain Matt Horner under the leadership of Commander Jim Raynor. It has a long and checkered history. The Hyperion was originally a Terran Confederacy battlecruiser which crash-landed on a fiery planet near Umojan Protectorate territory, courtesy of a navigation error, well out of range of Confederate hailing frequencies. It was originally commanded by Pollock Rimes. However, Umojan forces secured the crash site, removed its tracking beacon and pronounced the crew dead, though in reality giving them better pay and shorter hours in exchange for their silence. The Confederacy was angered at the loss of one of its ships, but without proof of the Protectorate's subversion, was unwilling to start another war so soon after the end of the Guild Wars. Over the next year, the battlecruiser was upgraded and modified slowly and methodically. In 2491 it became part of Arcturus Mengsk's Rebellion of Korhal – Mengsk had allied with the Umojan Protectorate and was currently located at Umoja. When the Confederacy destroyed Korhal IV with nuclear missiles, Mengsk renamed his organization the Sons of Korhal and Mengsk renamed the vessel the Hyperion and made it the flagship of his very small fleet.


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