The Great Pyramid of Time is a Toy Pad build that comes with the LEGO Voidhoppers starter pack, based off of the structure of the same name.


  • Initial - None of the Keystone slots will be filled, and the Pyramid will just be plain white with flames coming off of the door. However, there are a bunch of extra bricks scattered around the floor of the Pyramid and in a box on the side. There are also a handful of Keystones clipped to the ladder at the back, not yet deployed.
  • With Keystones - The Mandala Keystone will take up the slot on the right side of the Pyramid. The other five will start at the top and make their way to the bottom, conveyor-belt style.
  • With Torrent's Scroll - You'll use some of the leftover bricks to build a small scroll-type object (This was originally planned to be a gadget for Torrent but the idea was scrapped and replaced with this.)
  • With Computer Controller - You'll use some of the bricks in the box to build a computer controller for the Pyramid and hook it up.
  • With Mandala Map - A little gold device will be at the bottom of the Pyramid. It will unlock a minimap of the Mandala.


LDHTV Starter Pack

Figure 1: The Great Pyramid of Time alongside Simon, Torrent, and the Ecto-XV, with everything except the Keystones in place.

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