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Terrence Jacob
Character Information
Name Terrence Jacob
Gender Male
Franchise Venture Missions, Venture, Venture Halloween
Weapons/Accessories Steel Gladius
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Castlrex
Occupation Jacob Knight
Residence Castlrex
We ain't in the Castlrex anymore. Or Robert's Abode.
— Terrence's first line when entering the game
I was in the middle of eating a whole loaf of bread, but I need to stay thin.
— Terrence's second line when entering the game
The impossibly beautiful and fearless Terrence Jacob is at your service!
— Terrence's third line when entering the game

Terrence Jacob is a Venture Missions character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Vine Cut (Shears)
  • Wall Cut (Pickaxe, Shovel, Hatchet)
  • Growth (Dirt Rake)
  • Master Build
  • Sword Switch (Blade)


Stop sucking me in, Hell Portal!
— Terrence's first line when leaving the game
The nausea Hell Portals cause is bad enough, forcing me into one is on a whole new level!
— Terrence's second line when leaving the game
G'bye, gents!
— Terrence's third line when leaving the game
Avast, thar now, ye be a star, get ye battle on, be off fight...
— Terrence's first line when idle
I am the sharpest tool in the shed. She was looking kind of stupid with her finger and her thumb...
— Terrence's second line when idle
So much to do, so much to spy wit' ye eye So what's wrong wit' takin' th' back streets? Ye gunna never be knowin' if ye do not be off, ye gunna never shine if ye do not glow...
— Terrence's third line when idle
Let's fight! I am gonna win, obviously!
— Terrence's line in combat
— Terrence's line when respawning
I was a ninja once. I was amazing!
— Terrence talking to Kai
Happen to be a Mongol, by any odds?
— Terrence talking to Nya
Laval, eh? My California Spangled has that name!
— Terrence talking to Laval
Ax, ax, chop, chop!
— Terrence's line when riding Axe Chariot
So, Robert, ready to make another movie? Try not to rage quit again.
— Terrence talking to Robert
You brought your diamond stuff? Lucky. Left that at our house...
— Terrence talking to Armored Robert
Please tell me you are one of Lionel's non-noxious G. Crawlers...
— Terrence riding Grotto Crawler
I got plenty of acetabulum bones if you wanna join me!
— Terrence talking to Scooby Doo
CRAWLER! AH! Hey wait, you are not a crawler, different color!
— Terrence riding Shelob the Great
Is this that a Thunder Driller? Never seen one in red before.
— Terrence's line when riding Drill Driver
Yeah, Future Mining!
— Terrence's line when riding Storm Driller