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OK OK! I'm here now, don't push.
— Terra's First Line Entering The Game
They don't know the double cross is even coming... Uh, I MEAN, I was talking to enemies. Yeah, enemies ... Hee hee heehee hee...
— Terra's 2nd line when entering the game.

Terra is one of the many characters in LEGO Dimensions And a fun pack character

Character Information
Name Terra
Gender Female
Franchise Teen Titans Go!
Weapons/Accessories None
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Giant Rock Platform
Occupation * Beast Boy's 2nd "Love Interest"
  • Rock Telekinetic Supervillain
Residence Teen Titans Go!: Trash Hole

from the Teen Titans Go! Franchise



  • Acrobat
  • Mini Access (Flying grouped rock)
  • Slurp Access (Flying grouped rock)
  • Big Transformation (Terra-Rizer)
  • Super Strength
  • Super Strength Handles
  • Intelligence (You Remember Terra-Rized!)
  • Technology (You Remember Terra-Rized!)
  • Hacking (You Remember Terra-Rized!)
  • Weight Switch (Cubed Rock Forming)
  • Laser Deflector (Glass Rock Form)
  • Dive
  • Drone Mazes