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Tentacle Norpher
Tentacle Norpher.png
Character Information
Name Tentacle Norpher
Gender Male
Franchise Morphers
Weapons/Accessories Squid Arms
Residence Underground
— Tentacle Norpher's only line

Tentacle Norpher is a Morphers boss in LEGO Dimensions.


Tentacle Norpher was a huge Norpher with squid arms made out of Norphers bursting through it's white metallic flesh. It was first used by the Norphers in attempts to stop the Christians Merph from drilling too far, but was defeated and fell down to a cave in the process. Tentacle Norpher later attacked the Morphers during the Destruction of Norpher City. Tentacle Norpher caused no casualties or even any serious injuries, although Vanessa Ingrid was covered in contusions after Tentacle Norpher suffered major battle damage and dropped her.

Abilities (Upon Mind Control)