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The Temple of Foundation is an old temple in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch where it is located on Foundation Prime and serves as a resting place of the legendary Foundation Gauntlet.


Temple of Foundation structure.png

After the birth of the Multiverse, the Foundation Entities began creating the Foundation Elements for the worlds, creating the Foundation of All Dimensions along with the Foundation Gauntlet. Thatch decided to build a temple to hide the gauntlet away in secret. It is heavily protected and guarded by the Temple's Guardians, demigods created by Thatch to protect the gauntlet.

Grand Interdimensional War

Grand Emperor Enoch, Skella and Foundation Crime travelled to the temple and stole the gauntlet from it's pedestal.

Andy Starheart and his friends later went to Foundation Prime and to the temple where they find out that Enoch had stolen it. Deep into the temple, they encounter the Fountain of Foundation to look into the future, prompting Andy to return to Legotropolis.

After the defeat of Enoch, Andy returned the gauntlet to it's pedestal and left it to be kept secret. The temple along with the gauntlet sunk into the exploding brick ocean.


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