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Techo's Shooter Ship
Techo's Shooter Ship
Owner Techo
Abilities Flight, Target
Set Strongarm/Techo Team Pack

Techo's Shooter Ship is an AnthonyM and the World of Sketch vehicle in LEGO Dimensions. It is Techo's personal vehicle and is included in the Strongarm/Techo Team Pack.


Techo made this vehicle to combat any aerial opponents that would attempt to sabotage the M-Crew Command Base. It's built with a special array of tools including homing laser bursts, explosive shells, and a mega laser. However, the laser is a last-resort option, as the ship will explode if too much laser heat builds up.


  • Flight
    • Flight Dock
    • Cargo Hook
  • Target


  • Techo has lent use of his ship to Blurri several times throughout the series.
  • The ship is designed similarly to that of Benny's Spaceship and the Storm Fighter.
    • The only different thing from the two is the base color being green instead of blue.
  • When shooting the ship's standard projectile, the left analog stick can be used to strafe while holding the shoot button.