Super Mario Dimensions is a level in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Mario Level Pack.


At Peach's Castle, Toad runs out of the castle and delivers a letter to Mario from Princess Peach. He is invited to watch the fireworks so he walks along the path to the Mushroom Kingdom. However, Bowser got to the castle before Mario and takes Princess Peach to his castle. Mario realizes that Bowser kidnapped Peach and gets sucked into a vortex. At the same time, Ganondorf arrives at Bowser's Castle along with other Nintendo villains.

Mario arrives at The Legend of Zelda World and warns Zelda about what happened, causing Link to gear up and ready to fight. Mario and Link get sucked into the vortex.

Donkey Kong and Diddy fight King K. Rool on his ship, then Mario and Link land on the ship. King K. Rool gets sucked into the vortex along with Donkey Kong's golden bananas. Mario and Donkey Kong confront, staring down at each other before Link breaks it up. The trio then jump in the vortex and end up in Death Mountain. Ganondorf confronts the trio and turns into the Dark Beast Ganon. They defeat him and enter the Fire Temple to find Bowser, only for them to get sucked into a vortex and end up in Termina. Bowser Jr. wears Majora's Mask and tries to stop the trio from obtaining the mask. After using too much power, Bowser Jr. passes out and gets sucked into the vortex, leaving Majora's Mask behind. Link takes the mask and jumps into the rift with Mario and DK. The trio gets help from Sheik and pulled into the Super Mario Bros World. Mario enters Bowser's Castle to confront Bowser, who had gathered the villains to rule the dimensions. The trio battle the villains and rescue their friends, ending the villains' reign and going back to their worlds. Link and Donkey Kong return to their worlds and Mario and Peach watch the fireworks in the Mushroom Kingdom.

True Hero

200,000 studs.

Secret Area

Donkey Kong Arcade area.

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