Super Fighting Robot (Vehicle) (D1285Vr)

Super Fighting Robot
Super Fighting Robot (D1285Vr).png
Franchise: Scott Pilgrim
Owner: Robot 0-1

Super Strenght

Super Strenght handless


Melt Gold

Melt Ice

Pack: Scott Pilgrim Robot 0-1 Fun Pack
Appear in: Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision


The Super Fighting Robot was created and piloted by the Katayanagi Twins and is a sub-boss of World 5 in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game.

The Robot initially pursues the players up the Fire Escape section, using it's rocket arms to crush the levels on the fire escape in an attempt to hit the players. Once the players reach the roof of the building they're on, the Super Fighting Robot reveals itself to the players. The Super Fighting Robot in controlled the Katayanagi Twins who reside in the robots head. In battle, the robot uses it's detachable rocket arms to try and squash the characters, to defeat the robot, the players must defeat said arms. During the battle, the robot will unleash a barrage of missiles onto the players, who must avoid being hit by them by not walking on the target markers. Once the players defeat one of the robot's arms, the robot will step back and try to hit the players with a powerful, albeit easy to avoid, laser. Once both arms are destroyed, the giant mech will start to break down, forcing the Twins to escape to their fortress in the Robot's detachable head.

The Super Fighting Robot is last seen in the game's credits. An Infobox for the Super Fighting Robot says that it's the prototype of the "Kazinger K," a reference to the anime Mazinger Z.


  • Super Strenght
  • Super Strenght handless
  • Laser
  • Melt Gold
  • Melt Ice


Super Fighting Robot (D1285Vr).png

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