The Summoning Scroll is a Devil Horn gadget from the Devil Horn Level Pack. It is owned by Lucifer and Angel (either one of them can upgrade it).


The Summoning Scroll was created by Ultra Angel, the leader of heaven and the most powerful angel. She made it indestructible and gave it the power to open a portal to heaven. it's intent was to give humans a way of contacting her just in case of apocalypses.

However, one huge design flaw made it able to open a portal to hell if used upside-down. Lucifer's parents were the first people to find it, and accidentally used it upside-down, causing the events of Devil Horn.


  • The Summoning Scroll consists of only 5 pieces. 4 you can see in the picture, the 5th piece is the piece holding the scroll to the bar.
  • It's special attack involves the player putting it somewhere on the toypad, and a portal to hell or heaven appears depending on where you put the scroll. Nearby enemies are sucked in, and then the portal closes. The enemies are counted as dead. The scroll needs to recharge before it can open another portal.
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