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Strongarm is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions: Shattered Multiverse.


AnthonyM and the World of Sketch

Strongarm is the current general of the Earthclad tribe's army. Back when AnthonyM was first getting used to his new Guardian powers, Strongarm was the one to prevent a rock from crushing the gauntlet-wearing Guardian. Realizing AnthonyM was a Guardian, Strongarm decided he would assist his new friend around the area. After that, the two formed a friendship that was as unbreakable as the big guy himself.

Shattered Multiverse

Strongarm and the M-Crew look for AnthonyM after being separated from him, and he lands himself in a fight with MetalBeard before he teams up with Emmet.


  • Super Strength
    • Super Strength Handles
    • Fistlock
  • Arcanus Summon
  • Cannon Jump
  • Earthclad's Might
  • Laser (Firesnap Sash)
  • Earth Beam


  • A normal minifig is 2/3 the size of Strongarm, much like AnthonyM and Strongarm's height difference is 2:3.
  • His Fistlock can be performed on any big character, like Zarrus or Sandy.
    • Angry Kitty is the only exception.
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