Stranger Things is one of the franchises in LEGO Dimensions.

Customs by Red Shogun

  • Fun Pack (Eleven + Demogorgon) (Eleven can become Mike, Dustin and Lukas after completing a quest in the Adventure World)

Customs by ElevensShadow

  • Level Pack(Eleven + Demogorgon)
  • Team Pack(Mike + Bike + Dustin + Dart)
  • Fun Pack(Hopper+Hawkins Police Car)

Customs by ShadeTheNarwhal

  • Fun Pack (Eleven (Mike + Will + Dustin + Lucas + Max) + Will's Bicycle)

Customs by Trigger Happy the Gremlin

  • Eleven Fun Pack
    • Eleven
      • Demogorgon
        • TBA
        • TBA
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