Storm Driller
Storm Driller
Storm Driller
Owner Duke
Abilities *Dig
  • Drill
Set Venturian Battle Level Pack
Full Sized Storm Driller

The drill in the Venture World.

Storm Driller is a Venturian Battle vehicle in LEGO Dimensions.


Storm Drillers were vehicles for Future Mining. Duke and Tyler tunneled through the underground world, while Duke explained that the Thunder Driller is the most important vehicle in the fleet as they drill through solid stone. After drilling through solid rock, they fall into a deep underground cavern. The cave is filled with hidden rock monster hives. A Fire-Rocks runs over to the Thunder Driller, but gets crushed under the giant spiky wheels. The Fire-Rocks escapes from the huge spiked wheels, but gets it's soul sucked out by two headlights. Tyler throws a stick of dynamite, which blows up and allows them to continue drilling. Duke runs back and gets an orange energy crystal from the Fire-Rocks body. Duke runs back to the Thunder Driller, and ends up grabbing the auto-rotating planetary drill, which Tyler mentions looks like a tremendous ice cream cone.


  • Accelerator Switches
    • Accelerator Ramps
  • Dig
  • Drill
  • Weight Switch
  • Super Strength


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