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Stitch (Wowimjarred)
Character Information

Stitch (also known as Experiment 626) is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Lilo & Stitch Fun Pack for The Lilo & Stitch franchise.




Lilo & Stitch: Kauai


  • Super Strength Ability
  • Acrobat Ability
  • Mini Access Ability
  • Target Ability (Blaster)
  • Intelligence Ability
  • Hacking Ability
  • Climbing Ability
  • Transformation Ability (True Form)


  • "Aloha!" - Stitch's first line upon entering the game.
  • "Bye!" - Stitch's first line upon exiting the game.
  • "Meega, nala kwistah!" - Stitch's first line when in combat.
  • "Nuh uh" - Stitch's line when unable to solve a puzzle.
  • "Ih" - Stitch's line when able to solve a puzzle.
  • "*Maniacally laughs*" - Stitch's line when idle.
  • "Cousin?" - Stitch upon seeing Gizmo or Stripe
  • "Leroy!" - Stitch upon seeing Stitch.

Idle Animations

  • Stitch puts on hula skirt and dances.
  • Stitch places a toy car on the ground and attacks it.


  • Chris Sanders voiced Stitch in the movie as well as most other media, he will reprise his role for the game.
  • Stitch instantly dies when he touches water, similarly to Gizmo, Stripe, and The Wicked Witch.