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Steve is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch. He appears in the Miner Team Pack along with Alex for the Minecraft franchise.


Steve and Alex found themselves in a mysterious world filled with various strange creatures called Mobs, where he attempted to survive, gathered resources, and built magnificent structures.


  1. Anvil Repair (Anvil)
  2. Apparate Access (Chorus Fruit)
  3. Chlorokinesis (Bone Meal)
  4. Crafting (Crafting Table)
  5. Weapon Switch
    1. Boomerang (Enchanted Trident (Loyalty))
    2. Digging (Shovel)
    3. Explosives (TNT)
    4. Fire Protection (Potion of Fire Resistance)
    5. Glide (Elytra)
    6. Illumination (Potion of Night Vision)
    7. Mining (Pickaxe)
    8. Shield Mode (Shield)
    9. Stealth (Potion of Invisibility)
    10. Speed (Potion of Swiftness)
    11. Sword Switches (Swords)
    12. Target (Bow or Crossbow)
    13. Teleportation (Ender Pearl or Chorus Fruit)
    14. Twirl Sockets (Bow, Crossbow, or Trident)
    15. Underwater Swimming (Potion of Water Breathing)


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