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Stephen Stills (D1285)
Franchise: Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

Ramona Flowers

Kim Pine

Wallace Wells

Knives Chau

Neil Nordergraf

Stacey Pilgrim

Weapons: Guitar
Vehicule: Movie Alien
Appaer in: Lego Dimensions 2

Powers Collision

Stephen Stills is one of the main characters in the Scott Pilgrim franchise, he is one of Scott and Ramona's closest friends. He appears in the Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision included in of the Scott Pilgrim's Team Packs with Kim Pine.

Special abilities.

  • Acrobat
  • Weapon Switch
  • Sonar Smash (Guitar)
  • Read Guitar Scores
  • Target
  • Laser Deflector
  • Super Strenght
  • Super Strenght Handless
  • Super Transformation (Yeti)
  • Freeze
  • Music (Guitar)


This must be a dream, please wake up

- When traveling through the portal

Where is there a concert?

-When entering a game

What do you think if you join our band?

- When talking to Marty McFly

Leave this to me.

- When you do some sheet music reading

The creators of the game could not put another vehicle?

- When you drive in the City Bus

Scott never says that about being a superhero

-When he talks to Batgirl or Batman from The Lego Batman Movie

Why do we all have the same skills?

- When fighting multiple opponents at the same time

Krusty you want a good joke, I'm still alive ...

-When he talks to Krusty

Will they still pay me for this?

- When leaving a game

Ma okay they are not singing our songs without permission.

- When he talks to Beca, Amy or Chloe.

Red because you are not taking me to where the psychologist of your island is, maybe it will help me with my nervousness.

- When he talks to Red.

Wait, Scott hadn't fought you?

- When talking to Robot 0-1

Special attacks

In his first attack, Stephen Stills will take out his guitar and start playing a song and move around the enemy, the enemy will try to hit Stephen, run towards him, Stephen will then step on a microphone that will hit the enemy in the face in the mere style of a rake. The enemy will explode and throw coins to Stephen's delight.

In his second attack, Stephen Stills will encourage the enemy to hit him and when the enemy begins to hit him, Stephen crosses his arms in a shield position so he does not receive any blow, then he hits the enemy with a head and puts his hands as if he had a gun and then hit the enemy, the enemy would explode and throw coins, much to the joy of Stephen Stills.


In the first animation of him, Stephen Stills will be taking out a microphone and when doing the classic test test it will sound quite loud and it will stun him, when he realizes that the noise of the microphone was very loud he throws the microphone very far.

In his second animation, Stephen Stills will turn his guitar like a cane and throw it into the air, waiting for the guitar to start moving left and right since he does not know which way it will fall and hopefully he manages to catch the guitar first. that it falls to the floor.

In his third animation, Stephen Stills will take off and put on a shirt and cap from his band, and then a mug and start making gestures as if he is advertising his band.


-One of his abilities is a reference to the ability that Lego Chima characters had in the first game.

-His guitar is almost the same as Marty McFly's but with changes.

- Stephen Stills and Kim are the first characters to read sheet music.

-He is the only character in Scott Pilgrim who has a super transformation.

-The band that Stephen Stills Advertises in one of his animations is the ShatterBanda band, although the one in Scott's franchise does not belong to the band, it can be said that he was advertising his friends.

Spotlight Song

Toy Tag

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