The Steadfast is one of the many locations in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Star Wars franchise.


The Steadfast was a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer that served as the flagship of First Order Allegiant General Enric Pryde during the cold warand the subsequent war between the First Order and the Resistance.


In 28 ABY, the Steadfast was given to Allegiant General Enric Pryde by Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order, and was named by in honor after the Imperial Star Destroyer of the same name that was destroyed at the Battle of Jakku.

When open war between the First Order and the Resistance broke out, the Steadfast served as the flagship of Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, when Ren's previously flagship, the Finalizer, was severly damaged during a battle over the planet Batuu. It also housed the Supreme Council, a division of the First Order High Command.

After Ren was redeemed and returned to the light side of the Force as Ben Solo, Allegiant General Pryde was considered the de facto leader of the First Order, and pledged not only his ship but the entire First Order to Darth Sidious' Final Order in 35 ABY.

Under the direct command of the Allegiant General, the vessel served as the leading capital ship of the Sith Eternal fleet on Exegol, and was armed with the newly introduced Sith troopers and Sith jet troopers.

During the battle of Exegol, The Steadfast noticed that a Resistance ground team was planning on blowing up the navigational tower to prevent the Sith fleet from leaving Exegol, So Allegiant General Pryde ordered that they switch over the source of navigation from that tower to one of the Steadfast's towers.

The Resistance ground team landed on the Steadfast and engaged the ground forces of the Final Order, until The ship was destroyed by Finn and Jannah, who took out the command deck with one of the ship's own hotwired laser cannons, decimating the bridge and claiming the lives of its officers, including Pryde and Admiral Frantis Griss. The Steadfast then crashed onto the surface of Exegol and exploded, yet not before Finn and Jannah were rescued by the Millennium Falcon

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