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Princess Star Butterfly

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Character Information
Name Princess Star Butterfly
Gender female
Franchise Star vs the Forces of Evil
Weapons/Accessories Magic Wand
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Ponyhead
Occupation Future Queen of Mewni
Residence Mewni (formerly), Echo Creek, California
I'm Star Butterfly, a magical princess from another dimension!
— Star when entering the game
Wait, did I do this?
— Star's second line when entering the game
I'm not from 'round here
— Star's third line when entering the game

Star Butterfly is a Team Pack character in Lego Dimensions, from the Star vs the Forces of Evil franchise.


After accidently destroying the castle of Mewni with her new magical wand, Star was banished by her parents to live on Earth as a permanent guest of the Diaz family, so she wouldn't cause any trouble. When she's not hanging out with the son of the Diaz's, Marco, Star has to practice the use of her magic while protecting the wand from the leader of the Forces of Evil, Ludo.


Star vs the Forces of Evil: Echo Creek, California


  • Magic
  • Water Spray (Narwhal Blast)
  • Laser
  • Magic Portal (Dimensional Scissors)
  • Stealth (Disguises as a Gothic Princess)
  • Agility


So, why do these rifts suck me awaaaaay?!
— Star's first line when leaving the game.
Okay, fine, I'm leaving.
— Star's second line when leaving the game
See ya, I'm exploring the rest of this multiverse
— Star's third line when leaving the game
Hey, whoever did this, will PAY for it!
— Star's line when respawning.
I hope my wand is charged, otherwise I have to stick to hitting bad guys with my head.
— Star before confronting a boss
It's pretty and colorful, it reminds me of Mewni
— Star when obtaining a collectable
That's a situation even Magic can't fix...
— Star when unable to solve a puzzle
— Star's second line when in combat
That's easy, spell here, spell there and done!
— Star when about to solve a puzzle
— Star when in the vortex
Did Mewni have crossbreeds between cats and unicorns? Yeah, I think I remember something like that...
— Star when seeing Unikitty
Marco! Wait... How did you get here?
— Star when seeing Marco Diaz
Ludo! I knew you had something to do with this!
— Star when seeing Ludo
Ponyhead! Let's do some bad stuff!
— Star when riding Ponyhead
Earth gets prettier every time I visit it!
— Star when in the Star vs the Forces of Evil World.
Space Unicorn! Ladadadadada.
— Star when idle.
Pffff, a few spells and you're history!... Not litterally, I don't have any time travel spells.
— Star when entering a mech
Glitter and some bow-ties make everything look better.
— Star's first line when upgrading her vehicle/gadget.
Hmmm, should I color it dark pink or light purple? Why not both?
— Star's second line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget.
Are you going to "replace" me?
— Star seeing Star