Character Information
Name Star-Lord
Gender Male
Franchise Marvel
Vehicles and/or Gadgets The Milano
Occupation Super-hero
Residence Earth
Star-Lord is a Marvel character that comes in a fun pack.


I'm Star-Lord man!
— Star-Lord's first line when entering the game
annnnnndddddddd, I don't know where this is.
— Star-Lord's second line when entering the game
Look, it's neat that you guys are trying to be fans and use my voice,but this is just freaky man.
— Star-Lord when seeing Owen and Emmet at the same time
Ah, home sweet home.
— Star-Lord when in the Marvel world
Rocket would go crazy for this thing.
— Star-lord when getting a collectible
— Star-lord's first line when leaving the game
You are Groot.
— Star-lord when seeing Groot
Humans sure have changed a lot since I was abducted.
— Star-lord when seeing Homer Simpson
Why is it that even with you on my side, we still couldn't beat Drax?
— Star-lord when seeing a mech
You versus Gamora. BEST FIGHT EVER!
— Star-lord when seeing Nya
Hey, Rocket, please don't shoot me....
— Star-lord when seeing Rocket Racoon


  • Fly
  • Target
  • Silver Lego Blow-up


  • Chris Pratt reprises his role in-game.
  • Star-Lord is the first character to have an interaction with two other characters instead of one.
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