Character Information
Name Stanley
Franchise The Stanley Parable
Weapons/Accessories None
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Stanley's Computer
Occupation Office Worker
Residence Stanley's Apartment
Stanley flew out of a blue portal and wondered what had just happened.
— Stanley's first line when entering the game
So you decided to play as Stanley? Why? He's completely useless!
— Stanley's second line when entering the game
Stanley was awed by all the bright colours that he'd just experienced on the way over.
— Stanley's third line when entering the game

Stanley is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the The Stanley Parable Fun Pack for the The Stanley Parable franchise.


Dimensions Crisis



The Stanley Parable: Stanley's Apartment


  • Push 8 Buttons
  • Follow Stanley Parable Adventure Lines™
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Pushes a button and the Silver object explodes)


Stanley had enough adventuring for one day and decided to leave.
— Stanley's first line when leaving the game
So you've gotten bored of playing with Stanley, have you?
— Stanley's second line when leaving the game
Stanley just couldn't take all of this work and had given up.
— Stanley's third line when leaving the game
Stanley was very confused as to why he was in a sort of blue vortex tunnel.
— Stanley's first line in the Vortex
So she also has a disembodied voice telling her what to do? Stanley thought to himself.
— Stanley to Chell
Stanley thought he was going crazy when he saw two versions of himself
— Stanley to Stanley
The truth is, Stanley had absolutely no idea what to do.
— Stanley when unable to solve a puzzle
Stanley felt a fleeting moment of success in his life, as he is usually good for nothing.
— Stanley when able to solve a puzzle
Stanley had to fight for once in his life, even though he was a coward and did not know the first thing about fighting.
— Stanley in combat
No! Stanley! You can't respawn! That ruins the story!
— Stanley when respawning


  • Stanley's quotes are spoken by the Narrator and are voiced by Kevin Brighting.
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