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Biomecha Squidley.png
Character Information
Name Squidley
Gender Male
Franchise Biomecha
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Mecha Spider
Occupation Villain
Residence Metri City
Ah! Surrounded by hideous, foul smelling idiots!
— Squidley's first line when entering the game
You will never possess my Kana Disc!
— Squidley's second line when entering the game
The Tao will never defeat me!
— Squidley's third line when entering the game

Squidley is a BIOMECHA character in LEGO Dimensions.


Firmra, Leftand, and Armtect are searching for Kana, and find a smashed building. After going inside, they find the cops mourning a dying 12 year old Matron, who, upon being asked of his murderer, says "Squidley," faintly, and dies. As they walk through the building, Firmra notices tentacles smashing through the walls at them. Firmra eventually makes it to the top, and finds a man with four tentacles for arms destroying the building. Firmra chases Squidley through the rooftops, and finds spiders crawling out of a shattered window. The spiders pursue Firmra, but he kills some of them. Eventually, Firmra finds an abandoned wrecking ball, and smashes Squidley through the wall. Squidley is sent flying through the brick wall, and Armtect and Leftand find him. Squidley escapes by smashing another brick wall, and runs from the trio, smashing through all the buildings. Eventually, they corner him, causing him to fall down the building he obliterated, but rips his tentacle into a jumbotron, and falls down. The trio fight Squidley, which only furthers instesifies when he mentions his ownership of a Kana. He attempts to latch his tentacles on them, but gets all four of them stuck in the road. The trio slices the tentacles off, besides one, the one holding the Kana. However, Leftand throws a fire ski at the tentacle, knocking the Kana out of it, and Squidley dies from blood loss.

After killing Squidley, the six new Tao bring the Kana discs to the Coliseum.


  • Underwater Swimming
  • Underwater Drone
  • Underwater Interactions
  • Growth
  • Hazard Cleaner
  • Water Spray
  • Target (M1-911)
  • Boomerabg (Kana Disc)


You all remind me of the Tao too much. I am leaving!
— Squidley's first line when leaving the game
I got to escape! Or those horrid Tao will reclaim my Kano Disc!
— Squidley's second line when leaving the game
But I was having so much fun!
— Squidley's third line when leaving the game
Kana Discs, Kana Discs, KANA DISCS!!!!!
— Squidley's line when idle
Uh oh! Looks like we got some tasteless popcorn to butter!
— Squidley's line when in combat
I thought I was gonna die back there!
— Squidley's line when respawning
From Metri City to Milk-Get, to... I really should look the rest up.
— Squidley's line when in the BIOMECHA Adventure World
Well, I have enough money from being paid assassin.
— Squidley's line when buying a renovation
I do NOT have time for this!
— Squidley's line when unable to purchase a renovation
All this technology from the New Era of invention is too easy!
— Squidley's line when able to solve a puzzle
Take that back, this is overtly complicated.
— Squidley's line when unable to solve a puzzle
Nah, man, but I have REAL guns!
— Squidley talking to Sunstorm
Our names are pronounced the same, squid harlequin!
— Squidley talking to Squidly
Since you are not a Tao, stop acting like you are one!
— Squidley talking to Batman
You got that right, what the!
— Squidley responding to Squidward
Flight is the one thing those pesky Tao do not have!
— Squidley talking to Superman
Oh, you going to tie me up with your scary lasso! NOT!
— Squidley talking to Wonder Woman
Cutting off my tentacles is an arrow to my heel... like Achilles.
— Squidley talking to Green Arrow


  • Squidley is not playable during the boss fight against Squidley.
  • Squidley is the only character to be unplayable in levels, as he is unplayable for the first time in the BIOMECHA 2: Chronicles of Metri City levels due to his death.