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"All fired up!"

-Spyro when entering the game

Spyro is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions from the Skylanders franchise. He is included in the Skylanders Story Pack. His vehicle is the Dread-Yacht.


Spyro is a skylander, and noted for being the most notable skylander there is. If you don't believe me, just ask the Scrolls of the Ancients. He is, presumably, from a far-off land that few have been to, no matter how good their travel agent is. In the TV series' canon, however, he was personally raised by Master Eon after beating up a few greebles, minutes after he hatched. You read that right. MINUTES AFTER HE HATCHED. I told you Spyro was cool.


Skylanders World: Skylander Academy


  • Flight
  • Target
  • Laser (fire breath)
    • Melt ice
    • Gold LEGO blowup
  • Super strength (horns)
  • Dark transformation (Dark Spyro)
    • Cursed red objects
    • Electricity
  • Character changing (Can change to Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Gill Grunt or Trigger Happy)


"I'd love to say, but Kaos is planning something."

-Spyro's first line when leaving the game

"You guys seem to have the hang of things."

-Spyro's second line when leaving the game

"Mess with the dragon, you get the horns!"

-Spyro when in combat

"Treasure hunting! My favorite!"

-Spyro when acquiring a collectible

"This is like a Rift Engine, but without an engine!"

-Spyro in the rift

"Lights out!"

-Spyro transforming into Dark Spyro

"Told you I could do it!"

-When solving a puzzle

"Wait... I CAN'T use this?"

-When unable to solve a puzzle

"DRAGON DOWN! And dragon back up."

-Spyro when respawning

"You're not coming at me. Why? Are you scared?"

-Spyro to any mech or big character

"And I thought Skylands was big."

-Spyro when idle

"Jade Mountain Academy? Never heard of it."

-Spyro to Moonwatcher

"Light and Dark, huh? I'm Magic and occasionally Dark myself."

-Spyro to AnthonyM

"This feels wrong somehow."

-Spyro riding any rideable dragon

"All I said was 'hello'."

-Spyro to Cole

"You again? I thought you were dead!"

-Spyro to Spyro