Looks like I got some things to do!
— Spyro's first line when entering the game
Character Information
Name Spyro
Gender Male
Franchise Skylanders
Weapons/Accessories None
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Spyro Jet
Occupation Skylander
Spyro the Dragon, or just Spyro, is a Skylanders character in LEGO Voidhoppers, appearing in the Spyro Fun Pack.


Spyro is a dragon from the realm of Avalar, and a living legend because of his purple scale colouring and extensive magic powers. Throughout his adventures in Avalar, he was not alone, having a dragonfly, Sparx, along for the ride with him (The two have been pals since they were little). Spyro has saved the realm numerous times from baddies such as Malefor and Cynder, which led to his invitation into the Skylanders, a cross-dimensional guild of knights as powerful as they are diverse.

After his invitation and journey to Skylands, Spyro has helped bring down Kaos on each and every occasion he has tried to take over the world.


  • Flight
  • Ice Melting
  • Cracked LEGO


Mess with the dragon, you get the horns!
— Spyro's first line when entering combat
Getting stronger!
— Spyro when purchasing an upgrade
Alright, change is good!
— Spyro's second line when getting an upgrade
Er, every bit helps.
— Spyro when obtaining a collectible
I knew I could do this!
— Spyro after solving a puzzle
Adventure calls!
— Spyro's first line when leaving the game
I have a photographic memory. I never forget anything, and I've seen one of those before.
— Spyro when able to solve a puzzle
I know this is not the path you would choose for me, but I have to walk my own path...and do what I know is right.
— Spyro's second line when leaving the game
What do you say we teach Big Head a little lesson?
— Spyro when fighting a boss
Derek? I'm glad you're here, since you're... kinda the expert on this sort of thing...
— Spyro reacting to Derek Stewart
So you're... also a dragon?
— Spyro reacting to Jack or Cogs


Character Tag

Spyro's tag is purple and gold, with no signs or sigils.

Spyro Char Tag
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