Owner Dead Slender
Abilities *Playable Character
  • Vine Cut
    • Wall Cut
  • Accelerator Switches
  • Ichor
Set Venture Team Pack
Wyvern Wyverninja Speedern

Speedern is a Venture vehicle.


Speedern is one of the Void Monsters unleashed onto Planet Venture in Venture: Bounty. Speederns are sentient but are still used as vehicles in tournaments and fights that the Void Monsters participate in. The objective of their games is to win six Void Crystals. The creatures' powers are also used when playing to give themselves an advantage in combat. The tournaments vary in size: the small ones generally involve two modified Speederns and jockeys, five powers the jockeys use, two battle axes, six Void Crystals, and obstacles and challenges (such as rocks to knock down or flying bulls eyes to hit), while large tournaments generally involve four modified Speederns and Jockeys; ten powers, a few weapons, and 12 Void Onyx; and large obstacles, challenges, and background features.


  • Playable Character
  • Vine Cut
  • Accelerator Switches
  • Ichor (Wyve Poison)


  • It is the first vehicle to have the Accelerator switch ability but not have wheels.
    • This is due to it's extreme speed.
  • Designed by DestinyIntwined.
  • Like Niffler and Swooping Evil, Speedern is treated as a character
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