Character Information
Name Sora
Gender Male
Franchise Kingdom Hearts
Weapons/Accessories Keyblade
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Gummi Ship


Occupation Gaurdian of Light
Residence Destiny Islands

"A new world! Wonder what I'll see."

- Sora's first line entering the game.

"Hey have you seen Donald or Goofy around?"

- Sora's second line when entering the game.

"Man, this is such a crazy place."

- Sora's third line when entering the game.

Sora is a Story Pack character from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.


  • Unlock
  • Forme Change
    • Valor Form
      • Synch Blade
    • Wisdom Form
      • Magic Shot
      • Quick Run
      • Mobile Action
    • Limit Form
      • Ars Arcanum
      • Ragnarok
      • Strike Raid
      • Dodge Roll
    • Master Form
      • Synch Blade
      • Acrobatics
    • Final Form
      • Synch Blade
      • Glide
      • Mobile Action
    • Anti Form
      • Scratch
      • Kick
      • Chaos Finale
      • Anti-Glide
  • Elemental Magic
    • Fire
    • Blizzard
    • Thunder


"A new world awaits!" - Sora's first line when exiting the game

"Bye! I'll come visit you again sometime!" - Sora's second line when leaving the game

"Got to go, plenty to do, lots to see." - Sora's third line when leaving the game

"Take that!" - When in Combat

"Maybe if I hit it here? No, ok." - When encountering an object he can't use

"Ha ha! I did it" - When completing a puzzle

"It's a Heartless!" - To Shadus


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