Sofia the First is one of the represented franchises in LEGO Dimensions. It's based on the hit Disney Junior show about the titular character of the same name. It's also a subtheme of Disney Princess. 


Customs by ShadEmmanZ-K9

  • Sofia the First Story Pack
    • Sofia
      • James
      • Amber
    • Minimus
    • Cedric
    • Go-Carriage
      • TBA Alternate Builds
    • Enchancia Castle Gateway Build
    • Battle Arena: Flying Derby Track
  • Sofia the First TBA Pack

Non Playable Characters

  • Princess Hildegard
  • King Roland
  • Queen Miranda

Foundation Element

The Wishing Mirror or Something.

Adventure World

  • Kingdom of Enchancia
    • Castle
      • Sofia's Bedroom
      • Kitchen
      • Living Room
      • Garden
      • Trolls' Grotto
  • Villages
  • Royal Prepatory Academy
  • Forest
  • Wei-Ling
    • Palace
      • Garden
    • Maze of Warriors
    • Forest
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