Character Information
Name Sober
Gender Male
Franchise WWIII
Weapons/Accessories Telekinetic Cutlass, Staff
Occupation Grandmaster
Residence Florida
Fury turns the brain out of ingresses and bolts the door.
— Sober's first line when entering the game
If it does not open, it is not your entrance.
— Sober's second line when entering the game
A man's door into the world is nude and bald.
— Sober's third line when entering the game
Sober is a WWIII 2 character in LEGO Dimensions.


Sober is the sensei of the telekinetic monks, where he was known as Torzummarlethwer. After the massacre of the monks, Sober, Shish, and Artur were the only survivors. Sober moved into a Floridian bog, where he built a dwelling. Sober lived entirely alone, besides the occasional bats, spiders, and snakes that gave him a visit. During WWIII, Bill Gunther's biplane crashed into the quagmire.

Gunther spent sometime looking around with R, until they were discovered by Sober. Sober got annoyed at R, and Gunther told Sober to go away, as he was looking for Torzummarlethwer. Sober said he would help Gunther find Torzummarlethwer after dinner. Gunther ate bamboo tsebhi at Sober's swampy hut, but Gunther still wanted to find Torzummarlethwer. Sober told him he was Torzummarlethwer, and began training for Gunther.

Gunther trained by using telekinesis to lift boulders and such, but he eventually gave up because it had nothing to do with winning the war. Gunther walked into a cavity to get away from Sober, but fought Douglas Artur there and decapitated him. It turned out to be one of Artur's telekinetic clones, and his Guy Fawkes Mask exploded, revealing Bill's head underneath, symbolizing how Bill and Artur are related.

Bill was horrified by this, not understanding what it meant, and still tried to get away, but was found by Sober. Sober was sad that Bill brought his weaponry into the rock shelter, as it killed his point (figuratively and literally). Bill sensed that his alliance was in danger, but was told by Sober and Shish's eidolon that he must continue training. Bill was content on saving his friends, though, so Sober reluctantly used his telekinesis to lift the biplane from the quagmire, and Bill flew away. Sober and Shish then discussed how reckless the man is, and how he should have stayed to learn more about the ways of the telekinetic.


  • Telekinesis
  • Mini Access
  • Vine Cut (Psycokinetic Scimitar)
  • Wall Cut
  • Sword Switches (Psychokinetic Scimitar)


There is much for you to learn of the way of the psychokinetic.
— Sober talking to Bill
Wait, how are you still alive?
— Sober talking to Sensei Benjamin
Your swamp is much favored by yourself, as is mine by myself.
— Sober talking to Shrek
Might have seen you in the bog before.
— Sober talking to Cragger
I may know much, but I still cannot distinguish whether this is a croc or a boat.
— Sober riding the Swamp Skimmer
Might wanna clean it. I can still smell swamp water on it.
— Sober riding the Blade Bike
Why base yourself on a bat? I see them all the time in the bayou. Small, frail, unlike you.
— Sober talking to Batman
A bat with blasters? Hmm, fine technology.
— Sober riding the Batwing
A serpent which harnesses lightning? Improbable.
— Sober riding SNAKEMO
— Sober riding Shelob the Great
— Sober riding Grotto Crawler
So, you know a thing or two about dinosaurs? Good to know; when the final battle comes, I can inform Bill of it.
— Sober talking to Owen Grady
Why have your gold sword when you can have a Psychokinetic Cutlass?
— Sober talking to Finn
This goblin must be a robber; he will take our spears.
— Sober talking to Stripe


  • He is portrayed by Ray Stevenson, who reprises his role in the game.
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