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"There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?"


Snoke is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Star Wars franchise.


Appearing to the galaxy after the fall of the Old Empire, the mysterious Snoke was a collector of arcane lore and a powerful practitioner of the Dark Side. As the heir to the contingency, he achieved the status of Supreme Leader; cloaked in a veil mirrors and smoke, little was known of Snoke's surprising rise to power or his origins.

Keeping to the shadows, Leader Snoke left the preparations for the upcoming conflict to General Hux and the High Command, while he concentrated on paving the way for young Jedi Ben Solo to become his apprentice, Kylo Ren - while at the same time crippling the Jedi Order. The corruption and inefficiency of the Galactic Senate allowed the First Order to increase its military, and to commit resources to additional projects. Fearing the intervention of the exiled Luke Skywalker, Snoke tasked Kylo Ren with hunting down the last Jedi.

As the search for the map to Skywalker went on, Leader Snoke felt the time had come to reveal Starkiller Base - a superweapon constructed within the core of the icy planet Ilum - to the public. Therefore, he authorized General Hux's attack upon the Hosnian System, destroying the New Republic. Kylo Ren informed him of the existence of the promising Force-sensitive Rey, a discovery that intrigued the Supreme Leader. Moreover, Snoke sensed Ren's unbalanced state and ordered him to kill his father, Han Solo, to conquer the temptation of the Light. The subsequent battle between the Resistance and First Order led to the destruction of Starkiller Base, though the blased Leader Snoke seemed to care not for this apparent setback.

Certain of dominance over the Resistance, Leader Snoke dared step out to personally lead the First Order armada from aboard his flagship, the Supremacy. He employed several strategies to obtain key victories and dispatched General Hux to pursue and break the Resistance fleet. Hux failed, earning a humiliating treatment from the Supreme Leader via hologram, before being able to restore his faith in him by pinpointing the fleeing Resistance.

Delighted at the prospects of a master stroke, Leader Snoke summoned Kylo Ren to his throne room for an audience, during which he reprimanded his disgraced apprentice for his multiple failures and weaknesses. When the angry Ren tried to attack him, Leader Snoke merely brushed of the attempt with a blast of Force lightning and taunted the latter into playing his game, appealing to Ren's intention to succeed his grandfather Darth Vader.

Indeed, the conflicted Kylo Ren unwittingly forged a Force bond with Rey, who couldn't pass the chance to redeem the former Ben Solo. The Jedi trainee travelled to the Supremacy to restore Ren to the Light, only to be brought before Leader Snoke, who proceeded to torturously probe her mind for the location of Luke Skywalker. Obtaining the knowledge he sought and boasting on his own superiority, Snoke commanded Kylo Ren to execute her, deeming he would sense any treacherous thoughts on his apprentice's part. However, the Supreme Leader misinterpreted his visions and was instead dismembered by Rey's lightsaber; his upper torso fell to the floor, leaving his lower torso and hands sitting on the armrests and throne.

Snoke's unexpected demise created a power vacuum in the First Order's entire hierarchy: the need for secrecy slowly withered away, unveiling aspects unknown up until then to even the high-file members of the officer corps: an immeasurable hidden in the Unknown Regions, a second wave of leadership kept in reserve and scraps of information contained in Snoke's old bases.

Kylo Ren immediately took advantage of the situation, assuming Snoke's title of Supreme Leader to the consternation of the Supreme Council. With him at the helm, the First Order military crushed much of the Resistance and expanded its borders, becoming an empire in all but name. In due time, Ren reached the conclusion that Snoke was not the apex of the Dark Side pyramid, but merely an emissary of an unseen master. Eventually, a criptic transmission was heard throughout the galaxy, muttered by the unmistakable voice of the long-time dead Palpatine. Unwilling to suffer a rival and engulfed by doubt, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren arrived on the planet Exegol, meeting with the reborn Emperor. Confronted by the truth that Snoke had been an artificially engineered being meant to be a puppet ruler and final test in his training, Ren embraced the offer to the legacy of the Sith: to hoard unlimited power as the new Emperor of the New Empire.

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