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Character Information
Name Sniper
Gender Female
Franchise Abomination Defense
Weapons/Accessories Bolt Action Rifle
Occupation Defense
Residence Your House
Let us have a go at it!
— Sniper's first line when entering the game
God Save the Queen!
— Sniper's second line when entering the game
Give them a gob full!
— Sniper's third line when entering the game

Sniper is an Abomination Defense character in LEGO Dimensions.


Sniper is one of the defense unlocked at the Deuterium Leak section of the Country Club. Costing 125 power, Sniper has the ability of shooting at Airship Abominations, via extending using her mutant powers and firing at the blimp. According to Urban Bible: Things have really changed for Sniper lately. Kindle deals, movies, truck show appearances... she is focusing on staying humble and firing her long gun like always.

Urban Bible: She is angry, sure, but Sniper's has a yielding heart filled with love and goodwill. She wants to love and be loved. No folks can hang with that, but Sniper never minded. She has been seeing Bullet Shooter for a while and it really seems to be working out.


This is some shaky business right here!
— Sniper's first line when leaving the game
Should have saved a bullet for all of you, blokes!
— Sniper's second line when leaving the game
Well that was a real GOSH DANG rooting!
— Sniper's third line when leaving the game
This is gonna be a real piece of poop, you gosh dang fruit shop owners!
— Sniper's line when in combat
Wave goodbye ta yer face, danker!
— Sniper's line when idle
Thank you for the target practice, ya fat gosh dang freak show!
— Sniper killing Mutated Celeb
Here is a gizmo you should dig up: one what stops my bullets!
— Sniper killing Underminer
Could not skip around that, could ya? Ya precious little poser!
— Sniper killing Bulletshooter
Oi, lend us yer spade, so I can dig yer gravestone!
— Sniper killing Double Bullet
Ya know what 'dominated' means, ya gosh dang whack job?!
— Sniper setting off Poor Man Grenade
Sorry there, orderly, I mistook ya for an actual threat!"
— Sniper killing Medic
I was never on your side either! Danker!
— Sniper killing Agent Devour
*Wilhelm Scream*
— Sniper Upon Death
Come on, boys! They have not eaten his heart yet!
— Sniper's line when respawning
Fire! Gr-fire, fire!
— Sniper on Fire
Ah... Poop!
— Sniper hit by a Bottled Hankey
Bombs away!
— Sniper throwing a Bottled Hankey
Where did I get you that time? The appendix? The bladder? I have lost track.
— Sniper killing Sniper
Thank you, mate!
— Sniper getting healed


  • Target (Sniper Rifle)
  • Spikes (Armor)