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Skye is a character from Fortnite battle royal chapter2 season2 battle pass


Before she joined Midas, Meowscles, and the rest of the Agency, Skye had rather humble origins. Growing up in a forest village, Skye always thought she was destined for bigger and better things. She gets her wish when she is visited by Ollie, and granted a companion for life!

In the game she can be formally be found at the shark and used to drop her mythic Scar and Grapler


  • fortnite: the Shark


  • vine cut
  • sword switch
  • Glide (Ollie)
  • Switch to Ghost outfit
    • shrink
      • vent
      • small hatches
      • drone mazes
  • switch to Shadow outfit
    • Summon Guff
  • rope swing
  • Grapple


  • "hi there, legendary adventurer here" - Skye's first line when entering the game
  • "here goes nothing" - Skye's 2nd line when entering the game
  • "you weren't about to start the show without us were you" - 3rd line when entering the game
  • "let me guess were looking for more super heroes" - Skye when running into Iron man
  • "You got it Kitty bro"- Skye replying to Meowscles
  • "ouch lets not do that again - "when respawning
  • "Ewel, that's disgusting - When running into Slimer
  • "I'm the real skye" - when running into another Skye
  • "Boss man" - When running into midas
  • I can solve this - when solving a puzzle
  • Let's go Ollie - When hopping on Ollie
  • Did you hear that. Legendary Outlaw and Legendary Adventure teaming up - when meeting Star lord
  • Rescuing a princess hunh, classic adventure stuff - when seeing mario
  • Wow this is awesome - when in the portal
  • crap! Ollie we got company - when going into combat
  • i think you need to sit down with jokes like that - when meeting Fozzy bear
  • what are you my math teacher - when meeting Edna Krable