Sky Lord
Sky Lord
Character Information
Name Sky Lord
Gender Male
Franchise Metachargers
Weapons/Accessories Syringe, Golden Crystal
Occupation Sky Pirate Captain
Residence Sky Pirate Ship
Ahoy, I be Sky Lord, 'n I just entered!
— Sky Lord's first line when entering the game
Avast, tiss a fine sunrise. Or g'nightfall. I ain't really be tellin' at th' moment.
— Sky Lord's second line when entering the game
Can ye spy wit' ye eye what I spy wit' me eye?
— Sky Lord's third line when entering the game
Sky Lord is a Metachargers character.


Sky Lord went to the Bermuda Triangle 'n had a hallucination 'o scurvy pirate ships sailin' in th' sky, so he decided to form th' Sky band 'o pirates, his crew who accompanies him on his sailin' scurvy pirate ship, th' Bone Pearl.

When th' Metachargers attacked th' Bone Pearl, Sky Lord was usin' his blade 'n eatin' Airheads, as well as countin' his gold 'n eatin' toasted hardtack biscuits wit' grape jelly 'n butter on them.


  • Shape Shifting (Green Syringe)
  • Drill (Grey Syringe)
  • Laser (Molotov Cocktail)
  • Freeze (Underworld Crystals)


I be leavin', so, bye?
— Sky Lord's first line when leaving the game
Ye all be really gettin' on me nerves, so, jolly thin' 'tis vortex be takin' me back.
— Sky Lord's second line when leaving the game
I gotta be off back to me scurvy pirate ship to be off somewhere. Maybe be off tradin'.
— Sky Lord's third line when leaving the game
I feel like I be in th' devil when he be dancin'.
— Sky Lord's first line in the vortex
“'Tis sucks more than th' the hour I got assaulted by Ulmulk in th' pizza ship that shot steamin' burnin' pizzas.
— Sky Lord's second line in the vortex
I feel so low below, I must get back to me scurvy pirate ship, plus 'tis city looks really weird.
— Sky Lord's line in the Metachargers Adventure World
I have plenty 'o gold 'n meed STILL after buyin' 'tis renovation!
— Sky Lord's line when purchasing a renovation
“'Ts not that I be not rich that be all I can take to purchase 'tis, I just don't want to.
— Sky Lord's line when unable to purchase a renovation
Thar's always room fer improvement, be thar not?
— Sky Lord's first line when upgrading his vehicle
Even after makin' it like 'tis, it still be not as full 'o awe as me ship.
— Sky Lord's second line when upgrading his vehicle
Be ye a bat or a scurvy dog? Or just a scurvy dog dressed as a bat?
— Sky Lord talking to Batman
Well, ye don't seem too wild, 'n ye have absolutely NO style! Deal wit' it!
— Sky Lord talking to WyldStyle
Let me guess, "ye shall not pass", be what ye be gonna shout to me. Well guess what, barnacle-covered wizard? I can.
— Sky Lord talking to Gandalf
Avast, thar, soldier? Can ye teach me how to ship dinosaurs?
— Sky Lord talking to Owen Grady
Just let me grab a spiced rum 'n I gunna be ready fer set the sails. Oh Yo-ho-ho, all ye have be a glowin' rod!
— Sky Lord talking to ACU Trooper
I feel like some bad stuff be 'bout to be off below wit' 'tis Homer fatty around.
— Sky Lord talking to Homer Simpson
“'Tis be most outrageous, th' kin' 'o Atlantis be here!
— Sky Lord talking to Aquaman
Yarr matey, ye have a ship to do, 'n that be be a foul blaggart!
— Sky Lord talking to Bad Cop
So, th' battle has begun, 'n ye remind me 'o Satan. Be ye gonna destroy me?
— Sky Lord talking to Bane
Why be ye yellow? 'N why can't ye speak, laddie?
— Sky Lord talking to Bart Simpson
While ye obsess over spaceships, I prefer ships that be off to th' sky, like me own.
— Sky Lord talking to Benny
Gunna 'tis lass ever speak? Also, neat Portal Gun by th' way.
— Sky Lord talking to Chell
“'Tis ninja has th' steampower 'o th' Earth, 'n I woe he be at me service, because he would make a jolly sensei.
— Sky Lord talking to Cole
Well, crocodile, what's 'tis CHI ye shout 'o? 'N better yet, why be a crocodile humanoid?
— Sky Lord talking to Cragger
When ye speak 'bout deletin' enemy elements, ye don't mean me, right? I be on ye side.
— Sky Lord talking to Cyberman
Avast, thar, robot jim laddie, I wanna have th' ability to turn huge like ye!
— Sky Lord talking to Cyborg
Whar do ye come from? When do ye come from? 'N I don't think I be needin' ye help.
— Sky Lord talking to Doc Brown
Ye be a Doctor, th' Doctor, 'n that be jolly, because I have cold sores.
— Sky Lord talking to The Doctor
What be ye supposed to be, again, 'n what be 'tis "Precious"? A rin'?
— Sky Lord talking to Gollum
Ah! Jesters be gettin' their revenge by usin' giant hammers!
— Sky Lord talking to Harley Quinn
Th' blue ninja, he can never stop fightin' movin' picture battles 'n fixin' ships.
— Sky Lord talking to Jay
Clowns be scary, but 'tis guy be a murderer!
— Sky Lord talking to The Joker
Th' red ninja, he drinks rum 'n hits stuff.
— Sky Lord talking to Kai
I feel like 'tis clown be goin' to mess wit' some lads.
— Sky Lord talking to Krusty the Clown
Can ye please stop makin' horrible puns, humanoid lion?
— Sky Lord talking to Laval
Legolas, th' elf wit' th' bow, he also has a lot 'o buckos fer bein' Orlando Bloom.
— Sky Lord talking to Legolas
Lloyd, th' gold 'n previously green ninja. He be always ready fer action, 'n has golden katanas.
— Sky Lord talking to Lloyd
Can ye ever keep up, 'n why be everythin' heavy to ye?
— Sky Lord talking to Marty McFly
Nya, th' other red ninja. Really, why be thar a pair 'o red ninjas? Well, I be predictin' she be a samurai.
— Sky Lord talking to Nya
“'Tis scientist 'n th' other jim laddies bust ghosts, 'n that must feel jolly
— Sky Lord talking to Peter Venkman
“'Tis sea monster solves mysteries fer some reason.
— Sky Lord talking to Scooby Doo
Sensei Wu, th' white ninja, or master, or somethin'. He really enlightens me 'n assists me in fightin' evil like them Metachargers.
— Sky Lord talking to Sensei Wu
“'Tis hipster scurvy dog be th' opposite 'o what we need, but oh well.
— Sky Lord talking to Shaggy
Eww, 'tis ghost be made 'o goo. Really looks like a huge tadpole to me.
— Sky Lord talking to Slimer
A scurvy dog made out 'o marshmallow, what do ye be knowin'.
— Sky Lord talking to Stay Puft
Be he super? Yarr. Be he a scurvy dog? No, he be an alien. He be Superman! Th' scurvy dog 'o Steel!
— Sky Lord talking to Superman
Greetin's, grog-filled lovin' unicorn sea monster princess.
— Sky Lord talking to UniKitty
“'Tis wicked witch 'o th' west be so... well, th' moniker implies.
— Sky Lord talking to Wicked Witch
Wonder Woman, th' Amazonian princess. I have no woe fer ye, Amazon takes way to long to send ye stuff.
— Sky Lord talking to Wonder Woman
Zane, th' silver 'n previously white ninja. He be a robot ninja who does everythin' he can to help people... which annoys them, or at least me.
— Sky Lord talking to Zane
What be 'tis "Batmobile"? A bat? A ship? Both!
— Sky Lord riding the Batmobile
“'Tis DeLorean can be off back to certain periods 'o the hour, like th' the hour when band 'o pirates did not sail!
— Sky Lord riding the DeLorean Time Machine
“'Tis be a hoverboard: it be a skateboard that floats, not them ripoffs that can only be off one inch above th' ground!
— Sky Lord riding the Hoverboard
Be 'tis a hamster cannon ball? It be much bigger than th' ones I have seen!
— Sky Lord riding the Gyrosphere
Dinosaurs be much more barnacle-covered than band 'o pirates!
— Sky Lord riding Velociraptor
Sailin' monkeys seem like somethin' that be part 'o th' Sky band 'o pirates!
— Sky Lord riding Flying Monkey
Construction vehicles like 'tis can not sail, but they can dig stuff up 'n build buildin's!
— Sky Lord riding Excavator
I be knowin' they come in all sorts 'o colors, but why be 'tis ship pink?
— Sky Lord riding Homer's Car
Some people watch television all day, others fight movin' picture games on it like Gamer Gibbs. Th' Map Tron be still better.
— Sky Lord using the Taunt O' Vision
I be floatin' in midair! Oh wait, I be just on th' Invisible Jet.
— Sky Lord riding the Invisible Jet
“'Tis huge robotic suit be amazin'!
— Sky Lord riding the Cyber-Guard
I wonder whar th' flight button on 'tis watercraft be?
— Sky Lord riding the Aqua Watercraft
So th' creepy Joker has his own helicopter? Arrr!
— Sky Lord riding The Jokers' Chopper
Some Metachargers have monster trucks like 'tis, others have teeny ships wit' hammers on them, but not both like 'tis!
— Sky Lord riding the Quinn Mobile
Whoa, 'tis floatin' rocket pod be so Arrr!
— Sky Lord riding the Hover Pod
A chariot wit' axes on it? I thought flightless scurvy pirate ships were supposed to be barnacle-covered!
— Sky Lord riding the Axe Chariot
A titanic spider! Now I can have it put grub in me gullet them Metachargers!
— Sky Lord riding Shelob the Great
Who needs Paddy Wagons? Not me, I got me own ship!
— Sky Lord's line when riding Police Car
“'Tis Benny fellow has a spaceship. 'Tis a ship that can sail, like mine!
— Sky Lord's line when ridding Benny's Spaceship
Weird... 'tis be a ship that be covered in flowers!
— Sky Lord's line when riding the Cloud Cuckoo Car
Nice! A bike wit' ninja swords on it! We need one that can sail!
— Sky Lord riding the Blade Bike
Boulder bomber? But it blasts missiles! At least it can sail.
— Sky Lord riding Boulder Bomber
Not every day ye spy wit' ye eye a jet wit' samurai swords on it!
— Sky Lord riding the Storm Fighter
“'Tis be an Arrr samurai mech! It has a pair 'o ninja swords!
— Sky Lord riding Samurai Mech
“'Tis sailin', 'n 'tis white dragon! We recruit it.
— Sky Lord riding Flying White Dragon
Wow, a dragon that be gold! Wonder how much it be worth on Marauder Mike Bay?
— Sky Lord riding Lloyd's Golden Dragon
“'Tis ship can travel through the hour!
— Sky Lord's line when riding Traveling Time Train
I have no clue why 'tis machine be painted wit' flowers.
— Sky Lord riding Mystery Machine
“'Target acquired!' be what these thin's always spout, I would prefer "We have got a target!".
— Sky Lord riding Sentry Turret
Metachargers Racin'! Whar ye can always lose to me 'n me band 'o pirates!
— Sky Lord riding Gravity Spinner
Ye think ye be so hardyharhar because ye be a clown, 'n so Arrr because ye have a motorcycle?
— Sky Lord riding Clown Bike
What be ye skimmin' in me bayou?
— Sky Lord riding the Swamp Skimmer
“'Tis be one big 'n powerful lion right here! 'N it be not lyin'!
— Sky Lord riding the Mighty Lion Rider
“'Tis be a vehicle fer interceptin', one used by th' United States 'o Murica!
— Sky Lord riding Eagle Interceptor
TARDIS? Ah, that show be more barnacle-covered then th' golden age 'o band 'o pirates!
— Sky Lord riding TARDIS
What do we have here? A robotic sea monster? I wish I had one.
— Sky Lord riding K-9
“'Tis thin' be all like "Exterminate". I like nixin' thin's a lot more.
— Sky Lord riding Dalek
Launch th' spears! Fire th' harpoons! Shave me beard! Nevermind 'bout that last one, though.
— Sky Lord using Arrow Launcher
A box wit' all these hearts on it? Just like Davy Jones' treasure chest!
— Sky Lord using the Companion Cube
Sandwiches! Hamburgers! All th' jolly stuff they serve at McPirates!
— Using the Scooby Snack
Snipin' boogers makes me feel... not quite jolly, okay be more like it.
— Sky Lord using the Slime Shooter
“'Tis doodad gunna trap ghosts, just like a bear trap traps bears!
— Sky Lord using the Ghost Trap
Arcade machines be a thin' 'o th' past. VR Sky band 'o pirates be a thin' 'o th' future!
— Sky Lord using the Arcade Machine
Always wanted a hearse. Just one that flies.
— Sky Lord riding Ecto-1
It be th' sea monster 'o horror!
— Sky Lord riding Terror Dog
A ship that can drive? Meh. A ship that can fire BMGs? Full 'o awe!
— Sky Lord riding G-6155 Spy Hunter


  • He is the only character to interact with every character and gadget.
  • He is the fourth character to shapeshift. The others are Jake, Spongebob, and Antoni Emma.
    • He does it by inserting a green syringe in himself.
  • He is portrayed by Chandler Riggs, best known for playing Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead, and reprises his role in the game.
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