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Sketchian Multiverse is a custom franchise in LEGO Dimensions: Shattered Multiverse.


The Sketchian Multiverse is a stange collection of 25 universes, each made to house the ideas of many denizens from other planets and the strangest beings. Along with these universes are protectors called Guardians, and interesting environments explored by many Fighters.

Here are the stories of those Fighters...

Playable Characters

Character Vehicle / Gadget? Class Element(s)
AnthonyM Guardian-Cycle Balanced Light/Dark
Strongarm Mobile Fist Defense Earth/Fire
Techo Techo's Shooter Ship Support Lightning
Blurri S.S. Mixium Speed Wind
Waitress Penny N/A Speed N/A
Shadus Shadow Slicer Offense Dark
Twillo Balanced Dark
Cybern Kebley's Shell Balanced Fire
Hekama Beacon of Hope Support Water/Magic
Zarrus Emerald Dragon Offense N/A
Crystallon Crystal Shrine Speed Earth/Light
Dreamkeeper Offense Ghost
Miss Techna Support N/A
Zakonu Temporal Shifter Balanced N/A
Hartschia Balanced N/A
Lady Elementia N/A Balanced Light
Pyre Offense Fire
Aqua Support Water
Nuage Speed Wind
Terra Defense Earth
Elettrico Speed Lightning
Na'tur Support Nature
Glacies Speed Ice
Poi'xa Offense Poison
Novae Balanced Magic