Agggh - Oof! ... What? Where am I?
— Simon's first line when entering the game
Simon Lancaster
Simon front
Simon wielding a Mark II.
Character Information
Name Simon Lancaster
Gender Male
Franchise Faraday Ghostbusters
Weapons/Accessories Faraday Pack, Mk. II
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Ecto-XV
Occupation Parapsychologist and Ghostbuster
Residence Richard's Workshop, London, England
Simon Lancaster is one of the characters in LEGO Voidhoppers, appearing in the game's Starter Pack alongside Torrent. He represents the franchise "Faraday Ghostbusters".


Simon was originally studying psychology, physics and majored in parapsychology at Oxford University, where he met Richard Faraday in his physics class. The two became friends against all odds, with Richard helping Simon with his work. The two eventually started on the thesis project of cathode ray weaponry and the supernatural, which took a full year and culminated in the Faraday Pack, Mark II, the successor to a completely-unrelated Mark I. Though the project was highly successful and led to a new industry, at the time it was deemed "unscientific" and Simon and Richard were kicked out of Oxford. This time was especially trying for Simon and Richard's friendship, as Simon had to move in with Richard so the two could expand and improve upon their thesis project. As their ghostbusting proficiency improved, they hired a third member, and were called to a job in Buckingham Palace in defence of the Queen. After the bust, Simon discovered a cycle running since ancient times, keeping the dangerous demon Typhon imprisoned in an alternate dimension. The cycle was about to repeat, and so the newly-christened Society for the Detection, Elimination, and Research of Spectres, or DEARS for short, ran in at the last minute, fighting off a legion of undead to confront Typhon atop the Tower of London. During the battle, Simon self-destructed his prototype Mark III, a volatile model powered by a strange rock, though in the end it did little damage and resulted in a tear between worlds, sucking up Simon and disappearing from the face of the Earth.


Faraday Ghostbusters World: Richard's Workshop


  • Gold LEGO
  • Hazard Protection
  • Ghostbusting
    • Destroy Ghosts - Mapped to B
    • Ghostchipper


Woah... Who are you? Are you... Martian?
— Simon, reacting to Peter Venkman or Abby Yates
Who the heck are you? Where the heck are we?
— Simon, reacting to Torrent for the first time.
Anyone know what this is? Is it psychic?
— Simon when obtaining a collectible
*sigh* And here I was, thinking this was the end. It was just the start of too many puzzles...
— Simon's first line when idle.
If only Richard were here to see how smart I am...
— Simon after solving a puzzle
Didja see that, Richard? I did it!
— Simon after solving a puzzle, if Richard is on the Toy Pad
— Simon when in the vortex
And now, to find where we're going...
— Simon when in the Mandala
If you thought that was impressive, just wait until you hear about how I blew the windows out in Windsor Castle trying to catch a ghost.
— Simon after busting a cloud of ghosts
Well, if I had to spend eternity with you- WHOAAGH!
— Simon's first line when leaving the game
S- Steampunk? I'm sorry, I don't follow.
— Simon's reply to Derek Stewart's Steampunk Ghostbusters comment
Steampunk? Steampunk... Steampunk... Richard, what's a Steampunk?
— Simon's reply to Derek's Steampunk Ghostbusters comment if Richard is on the Toy Pad



  • Simon comes flying out of the portal, not even getting a chance to stumble before he hits the ground face-first. He rolls onto his side and gets up from there.


  • Simon leans well forward, gripping the thrower with both hands. The Faraday Pack's absurd length means he still bumps his heels on it.


  • Simon flicks the thrower of the Mark II a few times, causing its pink glow to flicker.


  • Simon accidentally opens the thrower, causing a beam of ionized hydrogen to come roaring out in a stream of pink death. It scorches the floor around Simon, lasting for a few seconds until he can shut it off.


  • Simon puts away his thrower and smiles before he is bodily sucked into the portal from behind.


  • Simon's reaction to other Ghostbusters franchises is a reference to War of the Worlds.
  • Although he was using the Mark III at his expulsion, Simon uses the Mark II in LEGO Voidhoppers.
  • Although the Mark II has a Tesla coil built-in, Simon, due to not designing the thing, has no idea how to use it, and thus no Electricity ability.
  • Simon is voiced in-game by Gavin Free, an English actor, director and cinematographer best known for his work on Slo Mo Guys and Rooster Teeth.

Character Tag

Simon Char Tag

Simon's tag is the colours of his Faraday Cage jumpsuit with the DEARS logo at the front and a nametag with Simon's initials on it at the back.

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