Shock Soldier
Shock Soliders
Character Information
Name Shock Soldier
Gender Male
Franchise WWIII
Weapons/Accessories USP Match
Occupation Transhuman Trooper
Residence Orbitron
Leader One, repressing.
— Shock Soldier's first line when entering the game
Flash Zero, go precisely.
— Shock Soldier's second line when entering the game
Mallet Six, prosecuting.
— Shock Soldier's third line when entering the game
Shock Soldiers are WWIII enemies in LEGO Dimensions.


The Shock Soldiers were human soldiers commanded by Douglas Artur. During their first fight, the Shock Soldiers were caught by the plague, and needed to be rebuilt as cyborgs to survive the virus. Ever since, Shock Soldiers had their flesh replaced with iron and tubing to survive the disease. This then began the Over Watch squad of the Shock Soldiers.

The Over Watch controlled all of the Earth, corralling every human survivor into the only remaining city where they were strictly controlled, watched and put to work for the Morum's own ends. All of the day to day details of this work is overseen by Civil Protection with the Over Watch forces only ever being called in to deal with heavy resistance whilst manning outposts and checkpoints beyond the city limits. The outside street is heavily patrolled using aerial UFOs, battleships, forcefields and outposts to restrict access.



  • They have various voice actors, including Emilo Estevez, Phil Collins, and Kevin Bacon.
  • They are based on Combines from Half-Life 2 and a modification of it, Garry's Mod.
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