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"The Emperor will not tolerate failure. And neither will I."

-Shang Tsung's line when entering the game.

"I am Shang Tsung, and I hereby exercise my right to challenge!"

-Shang Tsung's second line when entering the game.

"Shang Tsung at your service."

-Shang Tsung's third line when entering the game.

Shang Tsung is one of the Blind Bag characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Mortal Kombat franchise.


A powerful, deadly sorcerer and a primary villain in the Mortal Kombat franchise, Shang Tsung (尚宗) is a shape-shifter who needs to consume souls in order to sustain his health and life. In the Mortal Kombat series, he is the epitome of cunning and decadence, as symbolized by his preference for lavish parties, grand palaces, and stylish clothing. Unlike the crude Shao Kahn, this bombast is a facade, disguising Shang Tsung's true intellectual and mental sophistication. His arch-nemesis is Liu Kang, but throughout his unnatural lifespan, he has earned the hatred of many others, including Kung Lao and Kenshi.

Shang Tsung's allegiance to Shao Kahn granted him the status of a free roaming sorcerer. As such, he is able to move between realms without detection by the Elder Gods or local deities, an ability which has granted him many opportunities to commit atrocities over the centuries. Only Delia, Shinnok, Shao Kahn, and Quan Chi can match Shang Tsung's skills as a sorcerer.



"From this moment on, my island will be their battleground."

-Shang Tsung on Shang Tsung's Island.

"Everything that has merged with Outworld has done so according to plan."

-Shang Tsung in Outworld.

"Shang Lao, I presume?"

-Shang Tsung to Shang Tsung.

"You presume correctly, brother."

-Shang Tsung's response to Shang Tsung.

"Now, I must leave."

-Shang Tsung's first line when leaving the game.

"My presence is required elsewhere."

-Shang Tsung's second line when leaving the game.

"I leave the rest to you, pay me my tribute."

-Shang Tsung's third line when leaving the game.

"I will take care of these impudent mortals myself."

-Shang Tsung's line when in combat.

"Now you die!"

-Shang Tsung's second line when in combat.

"Are you that eager to die?"

-Shang Tsung's third line when in combat.

"Flawless victory."

-Shang Tsung when exiting combat without taking damage.

"Your soul is mine!"

-Shang Tsung's line when exiting combat.


-Shang Tsung's second line when exiting combat.

"A very special artifact? The Emperor will be overjoyed."

-Shang Tsung when collecting a collectible.

"The Chosen One."

-Shang Tsung to Liu Kang.

"I've been expecting you, my sweet Sonya."

-Shang Tsung to Sonya Blade.

"Welcome back, Prince Goro."

-Shang Tsung to Goro.

"What is your next order, my lord?"

-Shang Tsung to Shao Kahn.