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Shadow Slicer
Shadow Slicer
Owner Shadus
Abilities Accelerator Switches

Tow Bar

Wall Drive

Enemy Eater

Set Shadus Fun Pack

The Shadow Slicer is an AnthonyM and the World of Sketch vehicle in LEGO Dimensions. It is Shadus's personal vehicle and is included in the Shadus Fun Pack.


Shadus found this "car monster" along his adventures. As a sentient vehicle, it does not have any machinery. It somehow bonded enough with Shadus that it let him drive it around.

Being a shadow monster, the Slicer can change its shape at will, being able to jump around and even drive on walls. The tendrils it has can even grab nearby foes and toss them into the mouths on its sides.


  • Accelerator Switches
  • Tow Bar
  • Wall Drive (drive up against a wall and the car will climb it)
  • Enemy Eater (any nearby enemies will be grabbed and eaten)


  • This and the Jakemobile are currently the only vehicles to have wheels, be sentient, and not be a robot.
    • The latter is a car form of Jake the Dog.
  • The monster's eyes are green, and are located on the top of the cockpit.
  • It is unknown what is causing the car to allow anyone to ride it, even AnthonyM, whom the monster dislikes the most.