This is not a fanon game nor a fanon year. This is merely a collection of custom LEGO Dimension ideas from a user who typically operates on other fanon wikis. This page only exists for historical purposes and may gain a successor in the future.

New Abilities

  • Cooking = Official LD Characters that have it are as follows: Harley Quinn (cooks cherry pie), Krusty the Clown (cooks pie), Shaggy (cooks Scooby Snack), Stay Puft (cooks marshmallow), Jake the Dog (cooks bacon pancakes), Robin (cooks Legendary Sandwich). Used at Cooking Pots. Characters with this ability cook something to satisfy a hungry pedestrian.
  • Dark Magic = Official LD Characters that have it are as follows: Wicked Witch, Stay Puft, Slimer, Marceline, Lord Voldemort, Raven, Betelgeuse. Used at Dark Magic Objects. Acts just like the Magic ability.
  • Music = Official LD Characters that have it are as follows: Emmet (radio), Marty McFly (electric guitar), Jake the Dog (viola), Marceline (guitar), Robin (radio). Used at Musical Stages. Characters must pass a rhythm-based minigame to acquire a reward.
  • Phasing = Official LD Characters that have it are as follows: Slimer. Used at Phase Panels. Characters with this ability can walk through Phase Panels.
  • Portal = This ability is a combination of Portal Gun and Magic Portal. Used at Portal Panels.
  • Precognition = Official LD Characters that have it are as follows: Wicked Witch, Harry Potter. Used at Precognitive Mirrors. Shows the user a video and they must answer questions about the video. If guessed correctly, a reward will be acquired.
  • Rune Tracing = Official LD Characters that have it are as follows: Gandalf, Hermione Granger. Used at Runes. Acts exactly like in LMSH2.
  • Temporal = Official LD Characters that have it are as follows: Marty McFly (DeLorean), Doc Brown (Travelling Time Train), The Doctor (TARDIS), Hermione Granger (Time-Turner). Used at Grandfather Clocks. A combination of Time Travel and TARDIS Travel.
  • Weight = Official LD Characters that have it are as follows: Cyborg, Venom-Powered Bane, Cyberman, Stay Puft, Jakesuit, Excalibur Batman. Used at Weight Scales. Characters with this ability stand on the Scales to trigger something.
  • Wind = Official LD Characters that have it are as follows: Superman (freeze breath), Supergirl (freeze breath). Used at Fans. Characters with this ability must blow wind at the Fans to activate them.
  • Writing = Official LD Characters that have it are as follows: Abby Yates, Hermione Granger. Used at Poetry Stands. Acts just like the poem-making feature in Doki Doki Literature Club!.

Avengers: Infinity War

Doctor Strange


  • Magic
  • Rune Tracing
  • Grapple (magic)
  • Flight (Cloak of Levitation)
  • Temporal (Eye of Agamotto/Time Stone)
  • Character Change into Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Mantis
    • Laser (as Iron Man)
    • Explosion (with missiles, as Iron Man)
    • Flight (as Iron Man)
    • Technology (as Iron Man)
    • Fix-It (as Iron Man)
    • Grapple (with webs, as Spidey)
    • Relic Detector (with Spider-Sense, as Spidey)
    • Target (with webs, as Spidey)
    • Web-Slinging (with webs, as Spidey)
    • Flight (as Star-Lord)
    • Target (with blasters, as Star-Lord)
    • Acrobatic (as Gamora)
    • Vine Cut (with Thanos's balancing knife, as Gamora)
    • Sword Switch (with Godslayer, as Gamora)
    • Vine Cut (with knives, as Drax)
    • Super-strength (as Drax)
    • Mind Control (as Mantis)
    • Illumination (as Mantis)

Pack: Story Pack (levels are "First Contact", "Mind Stone Mishap", "Knowhere in Particular", "Mjolnir 2.0", "Attack On The Titan" and "Wakanda Forever", secondary characters are Thor and Vision)

Voice Actresses/Actors: Benedict Cumberbatch (Strange), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Tom Holland (Spidey), Chris Pratt (Star-Lord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Dave Bautista (Drax), Pom Klementieff (Mantis)

Vehicle: Guardians' Ship

Minikits: Infinity Gauntlets

Citizen in Peril: Stan Lee

Targeting Cursors: The Eye of Agamotto (Strange). A ring styled similarly to Iron Man's suit (Iron Man). A white spiderweb (Spidey). A ring with Star-Lord's red jacket and white shirt (Star-Lord). A ring styled after Gamora's jacket (Gamora). A green ring with red markings (Drax). A ring resembling Mantis's antennae (Mantis).

Battle Arena: Asgard



  • Phasing
  • Target (Mind Stone blasts)
  • Laser (Mind Stone energy)
  • Flight
  • Hacking
  • Character Change into Scarlet Witch, Captain America, White Wolf, Black Panther, Black Widow, War Machine
    • Magic (as Witch)
    • Mind Control (as Witch)
    • Super Jump (as Witch)
    • Target (energy blasts, as Witch)
    • Acrobatic (as Witch)
    • Deflection (with shield, as Cap)
    • Acrobatic (as Cap)
    • Super Strength (as Cap)
    • Target (machine gun, as Wolf)
    • Acrobatic (as Wolf)
    • Vine Cut (with claws, as Panther)
    • Acrobatic (as Panther)
    • Sword Switch (with swords, as Widow)
    • Vine Cut (with swords, as Widow)
    • Acrobatic (as Widow)
    • Electric (with taser bracelets, as Widow)
    • All of Iron Man's abilities (as War)

Pack: Story Pack (with Dr. Strange and Thor)

Voice Actresses/Actors: Paul Bettany (Vision), Elizabeth Olsen (Witch), Chris Evans (Cap), Sebastian Stan (Wolf), Chadwick Boseman (Panther), Scarlett Johanson (Widow), Don Cheadle (as War)

Targeting Cursors: A ring styled after Vision's body with the Mind Stone at the top (Vision). A ring of red energy (Witch). A red ring with a white star in a blue circle within it (Cap). A ring styled after White Wolf's new robotic arm (Wolf). A ring styled after Black Panther's torso piece on his Vibrainium armour (Panther). A black ring with a red hourglass-esque symbol at the bottom (Widow). A ring styled after War Machine's armour (War).

Thor Odinson


  • Flight
  • Boomerang (Stormbreaker)
  • Electric
  • Super Strength
  • Character Change into Groot, Rocket, Hulk, Okoye, Nebula, Falcon
    • Grapple (branches, as Groot)
    • Mini Access (as Groot)
    • Gyrosphere Switches (with a ball of sticks, as Groot)
    • Target (with a gun, as Rocket)
    • Mini Access (as Rocket)
    • Acrobatic (as Rocket)
    • Super-strength (as Hulk)
    • Wall Climbing (as Hulk)
    • Sonar Smash (with a thunderclap, as Hulk)
    • Technology (temporarily turns into Bruce Banner, as Hulk)
    • Pole Vault (with a Wakandan spear, as Okoye)
    • Vine Cut (with a Wakandan spear, as Okoye)
    • Acrobatic (as Nebula)
    • Target (with a blaster, as Nebula)
    • Flight (as Falcon)
    • Target (with dual pistols, as Falcon)

Pack: Story Pack (with Dr. Strange and Vision)

Voice Actresses/Actors: Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Vin Diesel (Groot), Bradley Cooper (Rocket), Lou Ferrigno (Hulk), Danai Gurira (Okoye), Karen Gillian (Nebula), Anthony Mackie (Falcon)

Targeting Cursors: A ring styled after Thor's armour, with the icon on Mjonir on the top (Thor). A ring that takes the form of a circular branch with leaves dotted on it (Groot). A ring with brown fur (Rocket). A ring styled after Hulk and his pants in Age of Ultron (Hulk). A ring with black fur (Okoye). A ring that it mostly light blue that abruptly turns light indigo at the far right (Nebula). A ring styled after Falcon's wings (Falcon).

Adventure World & Misc.


  • New York
    • Sanctum Sanctorum
  • Wakanda
    • Shuri's Lab
  • Vormir
  • Knowhere
  • Nidavellir
  • Scotland
    • Subway Station
  • Titan

Foundation Element: Arc Reactor

Hearts and Ring: Hearts styled after the Infinity Gauntlet's front side (but with no stones (for most characters)), a ring akin to the Avengers logo but golden. Scarlet Witch's hearts have the Reality Stone. Gamora's hearts have the Soul Stone. Vision's hearts have the Mind Stone. Doctor Strange's hearts have the Time Stone. Thor's hearts have the Space Stone. Star-Lord's hearts have the Power Stone.

Enemies: Chitari, Outriders.

NPCs: Wong, Shuri, Red Skull, the Collector, Eitri, Bruce Banner.

Red Brick: I Don't Feel So Good - All characters who die will now die with a disintegrating animation.

Be More Chill



  • Technology
  • Hacking
  • Intelligence
  • Fix-It
  • Target (Mountain Dew Red)
  • Teleportation
  • Music (sings)
  • Mind Control

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actor: Eric William Morris

Gadget: SQUIP Pill

Targeting Cursor: A circle made of blue squares and rectangles.

Battle Arena: Within The SQUIP

Adventure World & Misc.


  • Middle Borough High School
    • The Theatre Room
  • Jeremy's House
  • The Mall
  • Jake's Halloween Party

Foundation Element: Jeremy's SQUIP

Hearts and Ring: Grey, oblong pills as hearts, a ring covered with the multi-coloured rectangles in the logo.

Enemies: SQUIP'd Students, Halloween Partiers.

NPCs: Jeremy Heere, Michael Mell, Christine Canigula, Brooke Lohst, Jake Dillinger, Chloe Valentine.

Red Brick: Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor - All characters are blue and opaque, similarly to the SQUIP.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

White Canary


  • Acrobatic
  • Pole Vault (staff)
  • Character Change into Firestorm, Atom, Heat Wave, Steel, Vixen, Z, Leo
    • Flight (as Firestorm)
    • Target (with fire, as Firestorm)
    • Technology (as Firestorm)
    • Target (with energy blasts, as Atom)
    • Flight (as Atom)
    • Drone (becomes small, as Atom)
    • Laser (with a flamethrower, as HWave)
    • Super-strength (as Steel)
    • Regeneration (as Steel)
    • Swimming (as Vixen)
    • Super-strength (as Vixen)
    • Wind (as Z)
    • Flight (with a tornado, as Z)
    • Freeze (with Cold Gun, as Leo)
    • Target (with Cold Gun, as Leo)

Pack: Level Pack (level is "Crisis on Earth-X")

Voice Actresses/Actors: Caity Lotz (Canary), Franz Drameh (Firestorm (Jax)), Victor Garber (Firestorm (Stein)), Brandon Routh (Atom), Dominic Purcell (HWave), Nick Zano (Steel), Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Vixen), Tala Ashe (Z), Wentworth Miller (Leo)

Vehicles: Waverider, GIDEON Control Panel

Minikits: Beebo

Citizen in Peril: Ray

Targeting Cursor: White, with Canary's jacket over it (Canary). The Firestorm Matrix inside a rusty, dark grey, metallic circle (Firestorm). A blue atom (Atom). A ring enveloped in fire (HWave). A ring styled similarly to Steel's logo and costume (Steel). The Spirit Totem (Vixen). A ring styled similarly to Z's necklace (Z). A ring enveloped in ice (Leo).

Battle Arena: Doomworld

Adventure World & Misc.


  • Star City 2018
  • Star City 2046
  • Time Bureau Headquarters
  • The New World
  • Ancient Egypt
  • 1920s Chicago
  • Earth-X

Foundation Element: Rip Hunter's pistol

Hearts and Ring: Blue, circular hearts representing the logos on each character shown in the intro, a cobalt blue metallic ring.

Enemies: Time Masters, Time Bureau agents, Eobard's Time Remnants.

NPCs: Green Arrow, John Diggle, Rip Hunter, Ava Sharpe, Hawkgirl, Ray.

Red Brick: The God of War - All minikits are replaced with talking Beebos. God help us all.

Doki Doki Literature Club!



  • Technology
  • Hacking
  • Teleport (does a glitchy thing)
  • Writing
  • Music (piano)
  • Character Change into Sayori, Natsuki and Yuri
    • Grapple (with her noose, as Sayori)
    • Target (with cupcakes, as Natsuki)
    • Mini Access (as Natsuki)
    • Cooking (cooks cupcakes, as Natsuki)
    • Pole Vault (with "sticky" pen, as Yuri)
    • Vine Cut (with her knife, as Yuri)

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actress: Jillian Ashcraft (Monika)

Gadget: Poetry Notebook

Targeting Cursor: Circle styled like the pink polka-dot background of the main menu.

Battle Arena: Monika's Room

Adventure World & Misc.


  • School
    • Literature Club
    • Anon's Class
  • Anon's Neighbourhood
    • Anon's House
    • Sayori's House

Foundation Element: The Portrait of Markov

Hearts and Ring: Pink hearts, pink ring with light pink hearts at the top right.

Enemies: Glitchy amalgamations of Monika, Natsuki, and Yuri.

NPCs: Natsuki, Yuri, Sayori.

Red Brick: Successful Deletion - Whenever you punch an enemy or item, glitchy energies radiate off of it.

Gravity Falls

Dipper Pines


  • Mini Access
  • Intelligence
  • Technology
  • Drone (shrinks self with the crystal flashlight)
  • Big-Fig Transform (enlargens self with the crystal flashlight)
  • Writing
  • Illumination (black light)

Pack: Team Pack (w/ Mabel Pines)

Voice Actor: Jason Ritter

Vehicle: The Shacktron

Targeting Cursor: A red circle that looks like the background of the cover of Journal 3.

Battle Arena: Mabelland

Mabel Pines


  • Grapple (grappling hook!)
  • Glide (sweater parachute)
  • Illumination (lightbulb sweater)
  • Mini Access
  • Target (cups of Mabel Juice)
  • Cooking (cooks Mabel Juice)

Pack: Team Pack (w/ Dipper Pines)

Voice Actress: Kristen Schaal

Vehicle: Mystery Cart

Targeting Cursor: A shooting star with a tricolour rainbow as a trail.

Battle Arena: Mabelland

Bill Cipher


  • Target (blue fire)
  • Dark Magic
  • Flight
  • Invulnerability
  • Intelligence
  • Phasing
  • Big-Fig Transform (Spider Bill)
  • Cooking (cooks a human skeleton...?)

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actor: Alex Hirsch

Vehicle: The Being Whose Name Must Never Be Said

Targeting Cursor: Yellow bricks, similar to the bottom of Bill's body.

Battle Arena: The Fearamid

Adventure World & Misc.


  • Gravity Falls
    • The Mystery Shack
      • The Universe Portal
      • Electron Carpet Room
    • Northwest Manor
    • Soos's Home
    • The Bunker
  • Weirdmageddon
  • 207̃012
    • Globnar

Foundation Element: Journal 3

Hearts and Ring: Yellow triangle hearts, a ring styled like the Zodiac.

Enemies: Gnomes, Gremoblins, Petrifying Bats, Time Police.

NPCs: Soos, Grunkle Stan, Ford, Pacifica Northwest, Blendin Blandin, Wendy.

Red Brick: Smile Dip - Makes every vehicle and gadget become pink and sparkly.




  • Explosion (homemade bomb)
  • Target (gun)
  • Acrobatic
  • Music (sings)
  • Water Spray (bleach)

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actor: Ryan McCartan

Vehicle: J.D.'s Motorcycle

Targeting Cursor: A dark brown circle with a brown trench coat over it.

Battle Arena: Heathers: The Musical Stage

Adventure World & Misc.

  • Westerberg High
    • Gym
  • Veronica's House
    • Veronica's Backyard
  • J.D.'s House
  • Heather C.'s House
  • Church
  • Kurt & Ram's Party
  • Graveyard

Foundation Element: Heather C.'s scrunchie

Hearts and Ring: Slushie drinks as hearts, a ring covered in a red liquid (it's obviously blood).

Enemies: Westerberg High Jocks, Drunken Partiers.

NPCs: Veronica Sawyer, Heather C., Heather D., Heather M., Martha Dunnstock, Kurt Kelly & Ram Sweeney.

Red Brick: Ich Lüge - Projectiles now travel twice as fast.

Once Upon A Time

Emma Swan


  • Laser (light magic)
  • Magic (magic)
  • Target (gun)
  • Portal (Magic Beans)
  • Acrobatic
  • Sword Switch (Excalibur)
  • Teleport
  • Character Change into Killian Jones
    • Vine Cut (hook)
    • Sword Switch (sword)
    • Diving
    • Super-strength (hook)

Pack: Level Pack (level is "The Final Battle")

Voice Actress/Actor: Jennifer Morrison (Emma), Colin O'Donoghue (Killian)

Vehicles: The Yellow Bug, Jolly Roger

Minikits: Poisoned Apples

Citizen in Peril: Henry Mills

Targeting Cursor: A circle surrounded by white magic (Emma). A hook (Killian).

Battle Arena: Underworld



  • Dark Magic
  • Vine Cut (Dark One Dagger)
  • Target (fireball)
  • Mind Control (magic heart)
  • Invulnerability
  • Super-strength
  • Teleport
  • Acrobatic

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actor: Robert Carlyle

Vehicle: Ogre

Targeting Cursor: A circle styled after the Dark One Dagger.

Battle Arena: World Behind The Mirror

Adventure World & Misc.

  • Storybrooke
    • Granny's Diner
    • Mary and David's Apartment
    • Regina's Manor
    • Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer
  • Enchanted Forest
    • The Evil Queen's Castle
  • Neverland
  • Agrabah
  • Wonderland

Foundation Element: Once Upon A Time Storybook

Hearts and Ring: Glowing red hearts, a ring styled after the "O" in the logo.

Enemies: Wraiths, Shadows.

NPCs: Snow White/Mary Margaret, David Nolan/Prince Charming, Belle French, Regina Mills/Evil Queen, Aladdin, Jefferson/Mad Hatter.

Red Brick: Saviour's Magic - The Magic and Dark Magic abilities function faster.

Rick & Morty

Rick Sanchez


  • Target (Portal Gun)
  • Portal (Portal Gun)
  • Hacking
  • Technology
  • Fix-It
  • Drone (butter robot)
  • Intelligence
  • Explosion (butter robot explodes when deactivated)
  • Music (keyboard playing a PG version of "Get Schwifty")

Pack: Team Pack (w/ Morty Smith)

Voice Actor: Justin Roiland

Vehicle: Rick's Spaceship

Targeting Cursor: Styled after a portal.

Battle Arena: Post-Apocalyptic Dimension

Morty Smith


  • Mini Access
  • Backup (Mr. Meeseeks)
  • Super-strength (muscular arm)

Pack: Team Pack (w/ Rick Sanchez)

Voice Actor: Justin Roiland

Vehicle: Cromulon

Targeting Cursor: A bland, yellow ring.

Battle Arena: Post-Apocalyptic Dimension

Adventure World & Misc.

  • The Smith Household
    • The Garage
    • Morty's Mind Blowers
  • Henry Herpson High School
  • The Citadel of Ricks
  • Immortality Field Resort
  • Dimension C-137

Foundation Element: Rick's Portal Gun

Hearts and Ring: Hearts styled like portals, a ring made of metal scraps.

Enemies: Cronenberg Monsters, The Council of Ricks.

NPCs: Beth Sanchez, Summer Smith, Jerry Smith, Bird Person, Squanchy, President Morty.

Red Brick: Gettin' Schwifty With It - All users of the Music ability now use a keyboard and play Get Schwifty.

Stranger Things



  • Magic (telekinesis)
  • Magic Shield (telekinesis)
  • Mini Access
  • Portal
  • Cooking (cooks Eggos)
  • Character Change into Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, Max
    • Mini Access (as Mike)
    • Precognition (as Will)
    • Mini Access (as Will)
    • Target (with a slingshot, as Lucas)
    • Mini Access (as Lucas)
    • Cooking (cooks granola bar, as Dustin)
    • Mini Access (as Dustin)
    • Grind Rails (with a skateboard, as Max)

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actresses/Actors: Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Noah Schnapp (Will), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Sadie Sink (Max)

Vehicle: Will's Bicycle

Targeting Cursor: A circle resembling the ground of the Upside Down.

Battle Arena: Snow Ball

Adventure World & Misc.

  • Hawkins
    • Hawkins Lab
    • Hawkins Middle School
  • Mike's House
  • Will's House
  • Dustin's House
  • Lucas's House
  • Hopper's Cabin
  • The Upside Down

Foundation Element: Demogorgon figure

Hearts and Ring: Black hearts with a red outline (similar to the logo), a Christmas lights ring.

Enemies: Demogorgons, Demodogs.

NPCs: Joyce Byers, Jim Hopper, Kali Prasad, Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, Mr. Clarke.

Red Brick: Leggo My Eggo! - All studs are now Eggos. When collected, a crunching sound plays.

The Flash



  • Super-speed
  • Electric (Speed Force lightning)
  • Super-strength (Supersonic punch, baby!)
  • Phasing
  • Intelligence
  • Stealth (vibrates molecules so that they are unseen)
  • Temporal
  • Wind (makes vortexes with arms)
  • Acrobatic
  • Regeneration
  • Backup (Time Remnants)
  • Character Change into Kid Flash (aesthetic change only)

Pack: Team Pack (w/ Vibe)

Voice Actor: Grant Gustin (Flash), Keiynan Lonsdale (Kid Flash)

Vehicle: Cosmic Treadmill

Targeting Cursor: A red circle with three lightning bolts (circle becomes yellow as Kid Flash).

Battle Arena: Music Realm



  • Portal
  • Hacking
  • Technology
  • Drone (flying drone)
  • Target (vibrational blast)
  • Laser (vibrational blast)
  • Illumination (goggles)

Pack: Team Pack (w/ Flash)

Voice Actor: Carlos Valdes

Vehicle: King Shark

Targeting Cursor: Styled similarly to his costume.

Battle Arena: Music Realm



  • Super-speed
  • Temporal
  • Portal
  • Vine Cut (arm-blade)
  • Super-strength
  • Weight
  • Illumination (armour)
  • Acrobatic
  • Electric (Speed Force lightning)
  • Regeneration
  • Portal (breaches)

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actor: Tobin Bell

Vehicle: Tarpit

Targeting Cursor: A silver circle with three white lightning bolts.

Battle Arena: The Church of Savitar

Caitlin Snow


  • Intelligence
  • Technology
  • Character Change into Killer Frost
    • Target (icicles)
    • Freeze
    • Glide (ice slope)
    • Regeneration

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actress: Danielle Panabaker

Vehicle: Grodd

Targeting Cursor: A blue, metallic circle covered in ice.

Battle Arena: Speed Force

Adventure World & Misc.

  • Central City
    • Barry's Apartment
    • Joe's House
    • S.T.A.R. Labs
      • Time Vault
    • Iron Heights Prison
    • CCPD
  • Earth-2
    • Central City of Earth-2
    • Gorilla City

Foundation Element: Tachyon Machine

Hearts and Ring: Red hearts outlined with gold, white ring outlined with gold with a golden lightning bolt in the centre.

Enemies: Multiplex Duplicates, Savitar Worshippers, Dominators, Criminals.

NPCs: Joe West, Harry Wells, Iris West, Ralph Dibny, Jay Garrick, Solovar.

Red Brick: The Power of the Speed Force - All characters with Super-speed now leave a trail of lightning when they run, except Flash, Kid Flash and Savitar who already had lightning trails.

The Legend of Zelda



  • Sword Switch (Master Sword)
  • Reflect (Hylian Shield)
  • Target (bow)
  • Acrobatic
  • Explosion (bombs)
  • Temporal (Ocarina of Time)
  • Glide (Paraglider)
  • Vine Cut (Master Sword)
  • Cooking (cooks Roasted Apple)
  • Grapple (Hookshot)

Pack: Level Pack (level is "Link Dimensions", not a ripoff of anything)

Voice Actor: Akira Sasanuma (archive audio)

Vehicles: Epona, Sand Seal

Minikits: Korok Seeds

Citizen in Peril: Tingle

Targeting Cursor: A green ring with the Triforce in the middle.

Battle Arena: Forsaken Fortress



  • Target (Light Arrows)
  • Explosion (Din's Fire)
  • Teleport (Farore's Wind)
  • Reflect (Nayru's Love)
  • Magic
  • Character Change into Sheik
    • Acrobatic
    • Climb
    • Stealth
    • Target (needles)

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actress: Patricia Summersett

Vehicle: Spirit Train

Targeting Cursor: A pink circle with the Hyrule crest in the middle of it (as Zelda). A blue circle with a red Sheikah clan logo in the middle (as Sheik).

Battle Arena: Lorule



  • Dark Magic
  • Target (lightning ball)
  • Sword Switch (sword)
  • Vine Cut (sword)
  • Super-strength
  • Regeneration
  • Big-Fig Transform (Ganon)

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actor: Nolan North

Vehicle: Guardian

Targeting Cursor: A ring styled after Ganondorf's armour in Twilight Princess.

Battle Arena: Ganon's Castle

Adventure World & Misc.


  • Hyrule
    • Hyrule Castle
  • Gerudo Desert
  • Zora's Domain
  • Death Mountain
    • Fire Temple
  • Clock Town
  • The Dark World
  • The Lost Woods

Foundation Element: The Triforce

Hearts and Ring: Heart Container hearts, a ring that looks similar to Navi (looks similar to Tatl in 2-Player Mode)

Enemies: Bokoblins, Moblins, Deku Babas, Dodongos, Lynels.

NPCs: Impa, King Rhoam, Ruto, Daruk, Skull Kid, Great Deku Tree.

Red Brick: It's A Secret To Everybody - Whenever you obtain a Gold Brick, the treasure acquiring fanfare from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time plays.




  • Vine Cut (in Red SOUL mode, with Toy Knife)
  • Acrobatic (in Blue SOUL mode)
  • Reflect (in Green SOUL mode, with spear)
  • Grapple (in Purple SOUL mode, with web)
  • Climb (in Purple SOUL mode)
  • Target (in Yellow SOUL mode, with pellets)
  • Explosion (in Yellow SOUL mode, with pellets)

Pack: Level Pack (level is "A Long Time Ago")

Voice Actor: N/A

Vehicles: Fighting Menu, Lesser Dog

Minikits: Golden Bones

Citizen in Peril: W.D. Gaster

Targeting Cursor: Purple-blue striped.

Battle Arena: The Barrier



  • Technology
  • Magic (Blue Attack)
  • Target (bones)
  • Laser (Gaster Blaster)
  • Teleport
  • Illumination (Bad Time Eye)
  • Fix-It
  • Music (saxophone)

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actor: Seán McLoughlin

Vehicle: Determination Extractor

Targeting Cursor: A circle of bones.

Battle Arena: Sans' Sans-sational Room

Mettaton EX


  • Technology
  • Electric
  • Explosion (bombs)
  • Temporal (rewind)
  • Flight (rockets)
  • Target (bombs)
  • Super-strength
  • Drone (classic Mettaton)
  • Cooking (cooks Mettaton Steak)

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actor: Mark Fischbach

Vehicle: Omega Flowey

Targeting Cursor: A magenta circle with a smaller circle of lights in it.

Battle Arena: Cooking With A Killer Robot



  • Web Slinging (webs)
  • Target (webs)
  • Water Spray (tea)
  • Drone (spider)
  • Acrobatic
  • Climb
  • Cooking (cooks Spider Pastry)
  • Backup (spiders)

Pack: Fun Pack

Voice Actress: Tara Strong

Vehicle: Muffet's Pet

Targeting Cursor: A purple spider-web.

Battle Arena: Spider Bake Sale

Adventure World & Misc.


  • The Ruins
    • Toriel's Home
  • Snowdin Town
    • Sans and Papyrus's Home
      • Secret Lab
  • Waterfall
    • Undyne's Home
    • Napstablook's Home
  • Hotland
    • Alphys's Lab
      • True Lab
    • The CORE
  • Asgore's Castle

Foundation Element: Heart Locket

Hearts and Ring: Delta Rune hearts, blue ring with two small purple stripes (mimicking Frisk's shirt).

Enemies: Froggit, Moldsmal, Jerry.

NPCs: Toriel, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, King Asgore, Flowey the Flower.

Red Brick: Unnecessary Tension - All characters and enemies flash into black and white whenever nearing an opponent, a reference to the fact that all enemies and characters are greyscaled in the fight screen of Undertale.


  • Muffet was planned to be a character but was scrapped because I couldn't find a suitable voice actress. Though I could just add her if I wanted to be lame and use Tara Strong.
    • I have decided to add her.
  • The Writing ability was originally called the Poetry ability, a reference to Doki Doki Literature Club!.
  • The Heathers franchise is based both on the film and the musical. The locations are based on the film, while the characters and soundtrack are based on the musical.
    • The television adaptation of Heathers is not mentioned in the game, nor should it be mentioned in real life.
    • The movie version of J.D. was supposed to be playable, complete with archive audio from Christian Slater, but was scrapped. Same with the musical version of Heather Chandler and Veronica Sawyer.
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