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Character Information
Name Serpent
Gender Male
Franchise Venture: Breathtaking Fear
Weapons/Accessories Thermal Clout
Occupation Crook
Residence Vepturegeng Base
A deafz eardrums r' betta than yo' gosh darn personality!
— Serpent's first line when entering the game
Her her! Yo' like Dora da Explorer!
— Serpent's second line when entering the game
Oh wow, look at yo'! I feel shizzle fo' anyone harmed in dis wreck!
— Serpent's third line when entering the game

Serpent is a Venture: Breathtaking Fear character in LEGO Dimensions.


Serpent is cold and mysterious. He spends all of his time alone and is annoyed by others disturbing him. He learned of Diabolus' grand plan from his stronghold, where he found their plans to cause the Void Cataclysm, and he has vowed to use this to his advantage. Serpent once said that he was always terrified about waking up and noticing that some of his teeth are golden and opponents' scream when he attacks them. He also bloodily kills anyone who defies him.

Serpent possesses Thermal Clout and has 1,000,000,000,000 teeth. When enhanced by Perdita, he could fly, slip through small clefts, change his shape, and attack. However, he could not assume a different form. He also has the vapor strength of oxygen, which can only be used when combining his power with that of another of Vepturegeng.

Serpent is equipped with a Triple Sword Shear with a pair of sais at its other end. He also wields an Energy Crossbow.


  • X-Ray Vision (Thermal Clout)
  • Shapeshifting
    • Mini Access (Small Form)
    • Slurp Access (Slim Form)
    • Flight (Weightless Form)
  • Sword Switches (Triple Sword Shear)
  • Vine Cut (Triple Sword Shear)
  • Target (Energy Crossbow)


Why the heck do Venturians have battered belly buttons? Bcuz' they r' wit' Venturian husbands!
— Serpent's first line when leaving the game
Why the heck did tha Venturian git kicked out o' tha M&Mz factory? Dude kept throwin' out tha w's!
— Serpent's second line when leaving the game
A Venturian hides from a Cannibal in a farm. Dude goes behind a bag o' potatoes. When tha Cannibal spots his butt, dude says "potato potato".
— Serpent's third line when leaving the game
I can't have split off from yo', could I? Seriously, we're da same size, n' I'd rememba.
— Serpent talking to Serpent
Gunner? Be dat yo'? Yo' betta not try overthrowin' me again, okay?
— Serpent talking to Gunner
Ruffian, pwease don't try overthrowin' me again, I'm practically beggin' yo' at dis point.
— Serpent talking to Ruffian
Traca, I think yo' should stay away from Gunna. Dudez... influencin' yo' in a shizzle way.
— Serpent talking to Tracer
Count Lionel? What the heck exactly r' yo' da Count o'? Counting?Wwait, yo're a supreme deity... uh... forget I said anything!
— Serpent talking to Count Lionel


  • He is portrayed by Brendan, who reprises his role in the game.
  • His alternate skin is of Eminem.