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This is war... cloud!
— Sequoia Warcloud's first line when entering the game
Ready or not, red is here, dinguses!
— Sequoia Warcloud's second line when entering the game
Duh duh duh, duh duh duh! Indian-Ana Jones is here to take names!
— Sequoia Warcloud's third line when entering the game

Sequoia Warcloud is a Vepturegeng character in LEGO Dimensions.


Ruffian's host, Sequoia Warcloud, is a psychopathic adolescent who embraces Ruffian's violent nature, making him a perfect choice for the Vepturegeng. Rarely disagreeing with or trying to control Ruffian, Warcloud shows few traits that would distinguish him from his Vepturegeng, although his personal biases and hatred influence Ruffian's acts of malice. Warcloud tries to keep his negative traits to a minimum when around his tribe, which includes some of the only people he respects. While closeted, Warcloud suffers from an addiction to cannabis, lean, tobacco chewing, and even pipe smoking.

Sequoia Warcloud was possessed by Ruffian while hunting, upon which he caught a rabbit with his bare hands and ate the animal alive. Warcloud acted increasingly violent and gluttonous after this point, with no clue as to why, leading to his parents admitting him to a clinic. During his ultrasound, Warcloud had a seizure and Ruffian took full control, breaking free and burning his way out of the hospital; while firefighters were able to stop the fire before anyone died from it, neither Ruffian nor Warcloud felt remorse for what they did.

After meeting up with his "friends" Moses Jennifer and Rudolph Yule, Sequoia explained his experience with Ruffian, only to hear that the two had faced something similar. While Ruffian was reluctant to reunite the Vepturegeng due to his hatred of Serpent, the three ultimately decided that they had to join forces in order to stop the Untergeng and Han Seo-Hoto. This plan ultimately succeeded with some complications, including Sequoia's dislike of Brennan O'Keeffe, which was only intensified by Ruffian's grudge against his Vepturegeng, Serpent.


  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Molotov Cocktail)
  • Sonar Smash (Drink from bottle)
  • Water Spray (Bottle)
    • Put out Fires
  • Target (Machine Gun)


  • Sequoia Warcloud is portrayed by Forrest Goodluck in Vepturegeng, who reprises his role in the game.
  • Oddly, some of Sequoia's quotes have racist connotations, specifically referring to himself as "red" and "Indian." It is possible that these quotes were kept in because of the fact that Sequoia himself is Native American (see "N-Word Privileges") or because his use of "red" could refer to Ruffian.
    • The bottle that Sequoia drinks from is also all-but-confirmed to have alcohol in it, making him the first character in a LEGO video game to drink while underage.
  • Despite being average height in the film, Warcloud and Ruffian's Minifigures use mid-legs; this is because of the fact that the character is short in the graphic novel, as well as being 14.
    • The Vepturegeng: Gene O. Saad variant has typical-sized legs to better reflect his appearance in the movie and/or his older age.