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"I will help you in any that way I can."

-Sensei Wu's first line when entering the game.

"It will be an honor to assist you in defeating the forces of evil."

-Sensei Wu's second line when entering the game.

"Your decision to summon me was most enlightened."

-Sensei Wu's third line when entering the game.

Sensei Wu is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Ninjago franchise.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

The Beginning

As a young boy Wu lived at a monastery with his father and his brother, Garmadon, who was also his best friend. During one of their duels, Garmadon disarmed Wu's katana and accidentally flung it over the monastery walls.

Since their father would be upset about it, Garmadon asked for Wu to go and retrieve the sword. However, Wu refused to get back the sword. Garmadon told Wu, "Never put off for tomorrow, what could be done today," before hopping the wall to get back his brother's sword for him. However, Garmadon got bitten by The Great Devourer and became infected with its evil. However, it would take years for the evil to consume his body. During those years, Garmadon and Wu banished enemies into the underworld that tried to steal the Golden Weapons and fought the Serpentine.

When Wu and Garmadon became teenagers, they both fell in love with Misako. Because of this, Wu had written a letter to her. However, Master Chen, Garmadon's evil sensei, took the note and tricked Garmadon into rewriting it and giving it to Misako. Later, Wu, Garmadon, and the Elemental Masters battled against the Anacondrai Army. Although they lost, they soon found the Sacred Flute, and used it to defeat the army and banish them into the Cursed Realm. Misako also married Garmadon, and the two had a son, Wu's nephew Lloyd.

It was revealed sometime when Garmadon was gone to train under Chen, Wu had found a homeless child, Morro, eating from his garbage. After feeling pity, Wu brought Morro inside his monastery, where gave him a proper meal. Sometime later, Wu gave Morro a kite. However, he noticed that Morro was flying the kit in midair, without its string. Wu then discovered Morro is the Master of Wind, and made Morro his student. Because of his power, Sensei Wu assumed he was the Green Ninja. However, after Wu placed him near the Golden Weapons, there was no reaction, proving he was not the Green Ninja. Morro then set out to prove he was the Green Ninja, by finding what Wu could not; the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master.

In their last great joint effort, Wu and Garmadon led the Elemental Masters in battling two of their own gone rogue: the Time Twins Acronix and Krux, whose powers proved too much even for the combined might of the other masters. As such, Wu commissioned the married blacksmiths Ray, Master of Fire, and Maya, Master of Water, to create four blades from chronosteel. Using this metal's unique ability to drain elemental power, Wu and Garmadon drained Acronix and Krux of their powers, creating the Time Blades in the process; they then used them to open a vortex and threw the Time Blades into it. Acronix and Krux jumped in after them, and Wu saw a vision of the future that let him know when Acronix would return; however, Krux was thought to have been lost forever.

Years later after their father passed away, Garmadon turned into the evil Lord Garmadon and planned to steal his father's Golden Weapons. Wu discovered this and challenged his brother, losing to Garmadon; however, Wu's symbols on his black kimono banished Garmadon into the underworld. After defeating his brother, Sensei Wu hid each of the weapons and had a dragon of the corresponding element guard each one.

He then created a map and gave it to Ray to safe guard for him in case he died before the weapons required collecting.

The Return of Evil

Beyond the edge of Ninjago, Sensei Wu had prisoned the worst villains on the planet in the Tower of Tears, a prison that has no doors or windows. However, the prison had then been destroyed allowing the enemies to roam Ninjago and get revenge on Sensei Wu. Sensei Wu fought Kirchonn The Invincible, a six armed warrior; the Time Ninja, a villain who could see things a second before everyone else; Cardinsto, a wizard who could control nature; the Evil Bees; the Barracudox, evil sea creatures; Gahrann the Dreamer, king of dreams; and many others. While facing the Mask of Malice, Sensei Wu figured out that Garmadon was the one who freed the prisoners and ordered them to fight Wu. After talking with Garmadon through a mirror, a window to the Underworld, the mirror cracked and shattered to pieces. When Sensei Wu repaired the mirror, he saw the future filled with powerful enemies not even he could defeat.

The Ninja

After traveling around Ninjago, Sensei Wu found three students to become Ninjas: Cole, Jay, and Zane.

Shortly after the blacksmith passed away, Wu reappeared at his shop, called Four Weapons now run by his children, Kai and Nya and expressed disdain for the Samurai weapons that they are not suited for ninja. He then disappears after Kai tells him to buy something or petal his insults someplace else. At this time, the Skulkin Army from the underworld attacked the shop. While Kai was fighting them, Samukai, the general of the Skulkin, threatened to kill Kai with his daggers. As soon as this happened, Sensei Wu came and use his golden Spinjitzu on Samukai. During the battle, Kruncha and Nuckal stole the map, and kidnapped Nya.

To get Nya back, Kai planned to become a Ninja. He arrived at Sensei Wu monastery, where Sensei Wu told him that he must complete his training course before he finishes his tea. After many tries, Kai finally completes the challenge. That night at Wu's monastery, Kai becomes attacked by three ninja. While they are battling, Wu stops them. He tells them that each for of them have a special element. He gives each of them elemental ninja suits. He reveals that Kai is the ninja of fire, Jay is the ninja of lightning, Zane is the ninja of ice, and Cole is the ninja of earth. On their quest to retake the map and get the weapons before Samukai, Wu advises the Ninja but acts as no immediate help. After the Ninja retrieved the Scythe of Quakes, Surikens of Ice, and Nunchucks of Lightning. Sensei Wu and the Ninja throw a small party in the forest. While the Ninja are sleeping, Kai believes he sees Nya. This was actually an illusion created by Garmadon to lead Kai into the Fire Temple where the real Nya was being dangled perilously. Shadow Garmadon tells Kai took the Sword of Fire or else he will kill Nya. Kai drew out the Sword of Fire and freed her. Kai said that Garmadon couldn't hurt them and was only a shadow. Garmadon told him that even shadows have their own uses and created evil shadows of Kai to attack him. However, Wu arrived and used his shadow to defeat the shadow puppets. He then sacrificed himself and the Sword of Fire by going to the Underworld to allow Kai and Nya to escape.

At the Underworld, Sensei Wu sneeked to the throne room and met Lord Garmadon. However, Garamdon sent Samukai with the three golden weapons (he had stole the three while Wu was gone). Soon, the ninja recruited the guardian dragons to rescue Wu and the weapons. They made it to Garmadon's throne room and saw Sensei Wu and Samukai's battle. Unfortunatly, Wu lost the battle allowing Samukai to possess the Four Golden Weapons and betray Garmadon. However, Samukai didn't have enough power to possess the weapons and blew up. This caused a portal to the Dark Continent, which Garmadon escaped through, so he could have enough power to possess the weapons one day. This allowed the Ninja to take the Golden Weapons. However, Wu informed them to train so that when the time comes, they'll be ready.

The Serpentine

Wu insists that the ninja keep training, so they will reach their true potentials for Garmadon's return. Suddenly, Nya informs them that he indeed has. This turns out to be partly false as Wu's nephew, Lloyd Garmadon is terrorizing the village. After defeating Lloyd, the ninja discovered a scroll that had fallen from Wu's bag that told the prophecy of a Green Ninja, a destined hero who will defeat the Dark Lord. Later, the Ninja have a battle to see who will become the Green Ninja. However, they couldn't use their Golden Weapons, almost destroying the monastery. Wu comes and uses the Shurikiens of Ice to stop the fire. He then informs the Ninja that they need to reach their true potentials, or else none of them will become the Green Ninja.

To gain power, Lloyd began freeing the different Serpentine tribes. First, he freed the Hypnobrai. However, Wu used the Smoke Spirit and told the Ninja to defeat the snakes. After the Ninja's victory, Lloyd tells the Serpentine to build a tree fortress. The Ninja, led by the falcon attacked and destroyed the fortress. During the process, Cole became hypnotized and threatened to attack the Ninja. However, Sensei Wu used the Sacred Flute to un-hypnotize Cole. Later, Lloyd freed the Fangpyre. While the Ninja battled them in Ed & Edna's junkyard, Wu blew the Sacred Flute, annoying the Fangpyre. Wu was almost bit by one, until Edna knocked out the Fangpyre with a pan. The Ninja won the battle. After, becoming betrayed by the Fangpyre, Lloyd freed Pythor, the last Anacondrai. However, he was also betrayed by Pythor and captured by the Ninja. The Ninja wanted to punish Lloyd, but Wu read Lloyd a bedtime story called, "Never Trust a Snake." Lloyd, then joined Wu and the Ninja. In "Can of Worms", Wu used him to teach the ninja about the destructive power of rumors. The Ninja think that the lesson was lame. However, the lesson helps the Ninja to trick the Serpentine.

Later, Wu orders Zen-Xtreme outfits for the Ninja. However, the Ninja realize that there is a Samurai who seems to be replacing the Ninja. Wu tells them for the Samurai to inspire them, leaving the Ninja to have try to find the Samurai's identity. While, Kai was looking for the Samurai, he dropped Lloyd off at an arcade, where the Serpentine kidnapped him. It is later revealed that Nya is the Samurai.

When Lloyd was kidnapped by the serpentine in Pythor's quest to free The Great Devourer, Sensei Wu says that he will go on a journey alone. He uses Traveler's Tea to go to the Dark Continent and meets the now four-armed Lord Garmadon who defeats him. He tells Wu that he made a foolish choice to defeat him. However, Wu said he came to inform Garmadon that his son is in danger. Then, Garmadon joins forces with Wu and the ninja to rescue his son. After Lloyd is rescued, he is revealed to be the green ninja of the prophecy, but the Ninja and Samurai X are captured by the Serpentine before they were rescued by Garmadon and the Skulkin.

To try and prevent Pythor's plan from succeeding, Wu took the Fang Blades, which had been acquired by his students previously, to a volcano to destroy them. However, Pythor sabotages Destiny's Bounty and Wu falls overboard. The ninja rescue him, but Pythor collects the blades while they are distracted.

Wu, Samurai X, and the ninja go in pursuit of the Serpentine to rescue the Fang Blades and after Cole defeats SkalesWu goes after the only Serpentine left on the bus, Pythor. However, the Mailman bicycling in front of the bus causes it to take a sharp turn and flip. Pythor escapes and releases The Great Devourer, but not before Wu can put Pythor in its path, Wu again sacrificed himself and both were devoured.

After Garmadons, Nya, and the ninja defeat the monster, Wu is found to be alive, though Pythor, Lord Garmadon, and The Four Weapons (which were used by Garmadon to defeat The Great Devourer) are nowhere to be found.

The Dark Lord Returns

During the clean-up of Ninjago City, Wu informed the original four ninja that it is now there duty to train Lloyd for the destined battle between himself and his father.

When Lord Garmadon does return, once again on the opposing side and allied with the Serpentine, he uses a Mega Weapon created from the four golden ones to create a portal to go back in time, though Kai, Zane, Cole, and Jay follow him. They meet the past's Sensei Wu and informed him of what time they are from and why they are there.

Eventually, several souvenirs in the museum are brought to life by the venom Great Devourer, and Wu and the ninja go to investigate. There, he encounters Misako, who is revealed to be Lloyd's mother. Soon afterwards Wu volunteers to help Misako with sort through her research on the green ninja prophecy, and it is revealed that they had a romantic past together when Misako says, "I should have chosen you". On the same day as this occurs, the Devourers venom reawakens the entire Stone Army underneath the city. The army begins attacking the city, and Wu, Misako, and the ninja work together to protect the citizens. During the disaster, Misako loses her research and must leave safety to try and retrieve them. Sensei Wu rushes off to save her, and they successfully retrieve the notes, but they are soon surrounded by Stone Warriors. They eventually jump out of the building they were in, but are saved by the Destiny's Bounty.

They set sail to the Dark Island, but the Destiny's Bounty's thrusters are damaged en route. They land on a small island where it is revealed that Dr. Julien was held, and he repairs their thrusters, enabling them to continue their voyage.

The Final Battle

At the Dark Island, Wu assists the ninja on their various missions, but mainly stays near the camp. He is, however, present when the ninja attempt to return the Helmet of Shadows to its pedestal to stop the final battle, but the group fails and Nya is separated from the rest of the group, who fall when a portion of the cliff they were standing on falls into the water. Kai and Jay want to rescue Nya, but Wu states that preparing for the final battle should be their priority, and that they can rescue Nya later. Soon afterwards, they find out about Garmadon's Super Weapon and track it to the Dark Island's coast. Their, they discover the Overlord's plan to fire Dark Matter to Ninjago to alter "the balance" and make it so he is able to cross over there. He also takes over Garmadon's body and fights Lloyd. In the aftermath, Lloyd breaks his leg and fails to stop the Overlord, who keeps the group alive but crosses over to Ninjago, leaving them behind.

The group sit on the beach, beginning to admit defeat, but Lloyd rallies them on and the Falcon informs them of another secret hidden in the Temple of Light. There, they find the Golden Mech, and they use this as well as the Ultra Dragon to escape the Dark Island and reach Ninjago. They proceed to fight the Stone Warriors, which soon became good by Darreth. Lloyd makes it to the top of the Garmatron (which had turned into a tower) and fought the Overlord. He became the Golden Ninja and defeated him. After the final battle, it is shown that

Garmadon is returned to normal in the process, and he reunites with is family. The ninja realize that their mission is over for the time being, but inform Wu that they'll always be ninja at heart.


After this, Wu and the ninja founded a school where Darkley's Boarding School For Bad Boys used to be. They renamed it Sensei Wu's Youth Academy. Wu served as the headmaster and the ninja taught. Some time later, while taking his students on a field trip to tour Borg Industries in New Ninjago City, the Overlord virus takes control of Cyrus Borg and all the robots, androids, and vehicles connected to his network. Robots in Borg's hovercar plant attack Wu, Nya, and the students while the ninja try to escape with the Techno Blades given to them by Borg to help stop the Overlord. Wu and the students narrowly escaped. They had to get the TechnoBlades out of the city as quickly as possible, so Wu formulated a plan. It worked, but he was captured in the process. The Overlord used his newly acquired technologies to access Wu's memory, revealing to him the ninja's hiding places.

Soon, a stranger steals the Digital Overlord's hard drive and Wu. He adds robotic modification to Wu and uses Electro Cobrai to turn Wu into Tech Wu.

He gave him some Electro Cobrai, so he can power the Nindroids again.

While reviving the Nindroids, the Evil Wu runs into the Ninja. He tries to capture their Techno Blades but fails. He retreats along with the Stranger.

Soon, Tech Wu arrives at Hiroshi's Laboranth and fights Sensei Garmadon. He defeats him while Pythor captures Lloyd. The Overlord, possessing the MechDragon says he doesn't need Garmadon and has Tech Wu throw him in the ocean.

Pythor and Wu then attack Borg Industries, using Lloyd's power to activate the Security Mechs and the Destructoid. Sensei Garmadon returns in a Nindroid outfit and defeats Wu. Soon, the Ninja reboot the system, turning Wu and the Mechs good.

The Golden Master

After Lloyd escaped from MechDragon, he gave up the last of his golden power to the bell at the Temple of Light, giving the Ninja their elemental powers back. As Wu agreed to the idea, Sensei Garmadon disagreed, telling Wu he puts the Ninja into too many risks. Zane and P.I.X.A.L. soon learn that Pythor and the Nindroids are up to something called "project arcturus." They also realize that the Overlord is still alive. After traveling to Ouroborous to find out about the project. The Ninja realize Arcturus is a spaceship and blast off to space. Sensei Garmadon then blames Wu for putting to Ninja into the risk.

The Ninja travel safely the space, but the Nindroids beat them to the weapons. They use them turn the Overlord into the Golden Master and create him Golden Armor. However, Cyrus Borg claims he has a weapon powerful enough to defeat the Master: a shrinking pill. While the Ninja clear the city, Wu and Garmadon attempt to throw the pill into the Overlord's mouth. However, it lands in Pythor's, instead. The Golden Master captures Wu and the Ninja, until Zane sacrifices himself to the Overlord. Wu and the others soon gather in Zane's funeral, where he is dubbed, "The Titanium Ninja".

The Tournament of Elements

After the defeat of the Overlord and the loss of Zane, Sensei Wu is seen repairing the Destiny's Bounty, along with Nya and Garmadon. Garmadon and the Ninja soon disappear, leaving Nya to come after them on the DB X. Soon, the Ninja return with the Elemental Masters and Zane, only to inform Garmadon that Chen has returned with an army of Anacondrai and is threatening to take over Ninjago. Wu also realizes that the truth about the letter he wrote the Misako, starting a conflict with him and Garmadon. Wu and the others arrive for battle, as Wu attacks with the modified Destiny's Bounty. However, the Chen's army appear to be winning the battle, until Pythor arrives and informs that the only way to bring an end is to awaken the spirits of the real Anacondrai Generals. In order to do this, the person who banished them sacrifice himself to the Cursed Realm. Garmadon does so, and the war is over. Wu and the Ninja then burn Clouse's spell book, that caused Chen's men to turn into Anacondrai in the first place.


After opening up Steep Wisdom, a tea farm and shop intended to help save for his retirement, Wu was forced to deal with the return of Morro who, as a ghost, possessed Lloyd and stole Wu's father's staff, which was revealed to be carved with clues as to the whereabouts of the First Spinjitzu Master's tomb. While the remaining Ninja set out to unlock each clue, Wu spoke to Nya and revealed that her mother had been the Elemental Master of Water, meaning that Nya had the potential to become a Water Ninja. Taking on the task of training her proved to be a struggle, until they received some unlikely help from Ronin. Wu would eventually join in the battle against The Preeminent, and tried to save Morro from his queen's watery demise, only for Morro to give Wu the Realm Crystal before sinking into the depths.


Some time after the battle with the Preeminent, Wu informed the Ninja that their old enemy Clouse had escaped the Cursed Realm's destruction, and sent them to apprehend him. He would then go to a library to find out what Clouse might be after and found information on Nadakhan, only to end up being trapped by him in the Teapot of Tyrahn. These events would later be undone by Jay making a final wish to Nadakhan.

The Dark Island Trilogy/Day of the Departed

Wu and his students would have to contend with Clouse's attempt to take over the Dark Island. Despite the corrupting influence of dark matter, Wu and his pupils succeeded in defeating Clouse and the Sky Pirates, due in part to using the Golden Mech of Wu's father.

After Clouse's defeat, Wu experienced a vision of Sensei Yang, Dr. Julien, and his old foes Acronix and Krux, whom he had thought "lost to time." The vision of Yang would be fulfilled on the Day of the Departed when the ghostly master revived several fallen villains. Morro would confront Wu at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, but prove repentant, informing his old teacher of Yang's plans and going with him to warn the other Ninja. With Yang's own defeat and redemption, the Ninja adopted the Temple of Airjitzu as their new base.

Hands of Time

In The Hands of Time, Wu returned to the Monastery of Spinjitzu in order to face Acronix, who emerged from a time vortex, but was defeated by his old foe's use of the fast forward Time Blade. Luckily, the Ninja arrived to aid Wu before Acronix could finish him off, but Acronix's seeming demise was in fact a cover for his escape. In The Hatching Wu reveals the history of Acronix and his brother Krux to the Ninja, unaware that the pair have reunited and are plotting to take over Ninjago. In Scavengers Wu-having been left in a weakened condition by his battle-begins to mumble in his sleep, causing some confusion with Lloyd that he is later forced to clear up. Prior to this, he reveals to Misako that Acronix's attack has caused him to begin aging at an ever-accelerating rate.

In The Attack Wu recognizes a symbol on the helmets of the Vermillion, Acronix and Krux's minions, but is abducted by his old enemies before he can explain things to the Ninja. In Pause and Effect he is guarded by Commander Blunck and Commander Raggmunk in the Vermillion camp, and Lloyd's efforts to rescue him fail. In Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea Wu is used along with Ray and Maya to blackmail Kai and Nya into retrieving the final Time Blade. In Lost in Time Kai and Nya take him back in time in pursuit of the Time Twins, and help his younger self battle the Vermillion. After Wu is restored by the Reversal Blade, he helps Kai and Nya return to the present before coming lost in time aboard the Iron Doom with his foes.

Sons of Garmadon

In season eight Wu returns to Ninjago as a baby as a result of his adventure in time, and is captured by the Sons of Garmadon. He is later rescued by the Ninja, who eventually learn his identity. After the attack of Emperor Garmadon's Colossi he ends up traveling to the First Realm with Cole, Jay, Kai, and Zane.


In season nine, Wu-passing through child and teen stages as he ages back to his normal state-joins forces with Faith of the Dragon Hunters to help stop her evil master, the Iron Baron, and return to Ninjago in the process.

March of the Oni

In season ten, Wu and his students have taken up residence at the repaired Monastery of Spinjitzu, which now features a history commemorating their various triumphs. The unveiling is cut short when the Firstbourne arrives with Faith, warning of an attack on the First Realm by the "bringers of doom." Recalling the phrase as used by his father, Wu identifies the threat as the Oni, and sends the Ninja forth to warn the citizens of Ninjago City against the threat. They later return with Garmadon and the armor of the Golden Master in tow, and report the sad news of Cole's apparent loss, which Wu is deeply affected by as Misako comforts him.

Despite his grief, Wu watches as Kai melts down the armor to reforge the Golden Weapons, and then joins his remaining students, Garmadon, and Faith in standing against the approaching Oni army. The group is happily joined by a returning Cole, but are forced back into the monastery by weight of numbers. Lloyd, inspired by the mural, suggests performing the Tornado of Creation, and Wu takes part with all six Ninja and Garmadon. The move defeats the Oni, and after a brief scare with Lloyd seemingly having perished, Wu bids farewell to Garmadon as his brother departs. He later attends a ceremony in which the Ninja add their handsprints to the mural in commemoration of their victory.

Secrets of Forbidden Spinjitzu


Prime Empire


Master of the Mountain


Dimensions Crisis

Elements of Surprise

Sensei Wu, along with the Ninja (except Zane), were seen looking at Griffin Turner after Master Chen called him up to battle Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle.


  1. Acrobat
  2. Glide (Staff)
  3. Photo Mode
  4. Pole Vault
  5. Spinjitzu
  6. Stealth


"I wish you well in your battle against evil."

-Sensei Wu's line when leaving the game.

"Good luck. May you overcome the darkness which clouds our dimensions."

-Sensei Wu's second line when leaving the game.

"Farewell. Until we meet another time."

-Sensei Wu's third line when leaving the game.

"If I had being forewarned we could have use traveler's tea to reach our destination instead."

-Sensei Wu's line when in the vortex.

"It would take a most powerful individual to discover these rifts in the first place."

-Sensei Wu's second line when in the vortex.

"I see that our enemy has many followers in his service."

-Sensei Wu when in combat.

"Hmm. I suspect this will be of use very soon."

-Sensei Wu when obtaining a collectible.

"Hmm. A refreshing cup of tea would not go amiss right now."

-Sensei Wu's line when left idle.

"I wish that my brother was here to stand alongside me."

-Sensei Wu's second line when left idle.

"It is good to be reunited with you."

-Sensei Wu to Sensei Garmadon or when riding the Master Wu Dragon.

"I sense you have great wisdom, Doctor."

-Sensei Wu to The Doctor.

"Remember to keep your wits about you, Jay."

-Sensei Wu to Jay.

"Patience, Kai, do not rush blindly into battle."

-Sensei Wu to Kai.

"Nya, please try to keep your brother out of trouble."

-Sensei Wu to Nya.

"Cole, remember that leadership is your true strength."

-Sensei Wu to Cole.

"Indeed. We must stand against evil in all it's forms, Cole."

-Sensei Wu's response to Cole.

"As am I, Zane."

-Sensei Wu's response to Zane.

"I trust you will only use your considerable strength for good."

-Sensei Wu to a giant character or when riding a mech.

"I hope that Nya won't mind me borrowing this..."

-Sensei Wu when riding the Samurai Mech.

"I can appreciate why Cyrus opted for more legs, now."

-Sensei Wu when riding Shelob the Great.

"Ah, excellent. Twice the Wu, twice the wisdom."

-Sensei Wu to Sensei Wu.