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Scottie Jacob
Scottie Jacob.png
Character Information
Name Scottie Jacob
Gender Male
Franchise Venture
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Snowlem
Occupation Jacob Knight
Residence Jacob Manor
Ello there! I m Scottie Jacob.
— Scottie Jacob's first line when entering the game
What is going on over here, chaps?
— Scottie Jacob's second line when entering the game
Here's to hoping they hae some ale here!
— Scottie Jacob's third line when entering the game

Scottie Jacob is a Venture character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Stealth (Pumpkin)
  • Guardian (Snowlem)
    • Target (Snowball)
  • Diving (Pisciform Potion)
  • Sugar (Sarsaparilla)
  • Grapple (Fishing Rod)
    • Rope Swings


I'm afraid I must go, blokes.
— Scottie Jacob's first line when leaving the game
Farewell, thou dingy lads!
— Scottie Jacob's second line when leaving the game
M quite afraid it's time 4 me to go out with mates and get a rosy lea.
— Scottie Jacob's third line when leaving the game
Crikey! I fancy this is like falling through the Loch Ness, eh?
— Scottie Jacob's first line when in the rift
I haven't been seeing this many colors since my last cup of shandy!
— Scottie Jacob's second line when in the rift
If I m being honest, this is getting awfully boring.
— Scottie Jacob's line when idle
Yeh chaps gander less cruel than my kind, so yeh better back orf!
— Scottie Jacob's line in combat
To hell with ye 4 killing me, ye git.
— Scottie Jacob's line when respawning
This is quite puzzling to me. I did not mean 4 that to be a pun, just so yeh know.
— Scottie Jacob's line when unable to solve a puzzle
Fancy I might hae the antidote 4 this predicament.
— Scottie Jacob's line when able to solve a puzzle
Y'r welcome.
— Scottie Jacob's line when solving a puzzle
Yeh've been working out, haven't yeh?
— Scottie Jacob when riding a mech or seeing a big fig
Oi! Who the heck r ye? Ye shufty just as fancy me, and that makes me want to beat ye up even more!
— Scottie Jacob talking to Scottie Jacob
Wotcher there, Bob! Ye got any root ale 4 me?
— Scottie Jacob talking to Robert Jacob
Terry, Terry, my blud, ye been making me a new kilt, or was that y'r indoors?
— Scottie Jacob talking to Terrence Jacob
Tyler, my laddy! How hae things been going? I hope thou 've been drinking lots of wine, it's really healthy 4 thou!
— Scottie Jacob talking to Tyler Jacob
Nate! Yeh're looking real swell today, as if yeh could beat Nessie in a fight!
— Scottie Jacob talking to Athanasios Jacob
Let's kick some Khyber and chew some gum... that is, if we aren't all out of gum already!
— Scottie Jacob when riding the Green Machine
Hiccup? What kind of a glaikit name is Hiccup?
— Scottie Jacob talking to Hiccup
Lord Vortech? What kind of lord r thou, not wearing any of those powdered wigs or baroque clothes?
— Scottie Jacob talking to Lord Vortech
Wait, ye're Mr. Game and Watch? Are ye a game... that we watch?
— Scottie Jacob talking to Mr. Game and Watch
Everyone here seems so interested in yeh 4 some reason, green laddie.
— Scottie Jacob talking to Ben Tennyson
It's a fire fox! Stand back! I won't let yeh near any of my Hei!
— Scottie Jacob talking to Tails
Apple Jacks taste nothing like fancy apples, I'm sorry.
— Scottie Jacob talking to Applejack
I fancy we could really get along, Gremlin.
— Scottie Jacob talking to Nort the Gremlin Blacksmith
Well! Dae I fancy women with red barnet!
— Scottie Jacob talking to Baylee
So, ye can stretch yer arms to unreasonable lengths? Exotic!
— Scottie Jacob talking to Krish