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Scott Pilgrim (D1285vr)
Franchise: Scott Pilgrim

Ramona Flowers

Kim Pine

Stephen Stills

Wallace Wells

Knives Chau

Neil Nordergraf

Stacey Pilgrim


Gideon Graves

Lucas Lee

Roxy Ritcher

Ken Katayanaggi

Kyle Katayanaggi

Matthew Pattel

Todd Ingram

Appear in: Lego Dimensions

Powers Collision

Vehicles: City Bus

Weapon: Love Sword

Voiced by: Michael Cera
Residence: Toronto,Canada

Scott Pilgrim is the protagonist of the Scott Pilgrim Franchise, he appears in the game Lego Dimensions 2 (D1285vr) along with several of the characters from the franchise. He is included in Scott Pilgrim's Team Pack along with Ramona, along with a vehicle (city bus).

Special abilities

  • Acrobat
  • Laser Deflector (Self Respect Sword)
  • Weapon Switch
  • Laser (Love Sword)
  • Melt Ice (Love Sword)
  • Melt Gold (Love Sword)
  • Sword Switch (Love Sword)
  • Sonar Smash (Guitar)
  • Music (Guitar)
  • Super Strenght
  • Super Strenght Handless
  • Character Change (Can Change into Nega Scott)


Scott is one of 9 playable characters from his in-game franchise, the others being Stephen Stills, Kim, Ramona, Wallace, Knives, Neil, Stacey, and the 0-1 Robot.

Scott in the game can not fall in love with a girl who is a guard of restricted areas because he is in a romantic relationship with Ramona.

In both English and Latin Spanish Scott is portrayed by his original voice actors. In the case of English he is Michael Cera and in Latin Spanish he is Moises Iván Mora.

In his dialogues with Batman and Robin from The Lego Batman Movie, Scott refers to the fact that he and Robin were played by Michael Cera.


If the player leaves Scott's character in the game for a long time without doing anything, an animation of Scott will be seen pointing away in reference to the pose he does in various media. He will also do another animation where he will fall asleep and a thought cloud will appear where Ramona appears in reference to her appearing in his dreams before they met.


"Hi I'm Scott, Scott Pilgrim ready to fight ready to fight everyone who crosses my path."

Scott´s first line when entering in the game.

"I'm here to fight against the world ... but in a figurative sense."

Scott´s second line when entering in the game.

"Ready to play ... what was the song called?"

Scott´s third line when entering in the game.

"Hey Robin you are very funny".

- Scott to Robin (The LEGO Batman Movie)

"How many people did you have to fight to be Wyldstyle's boyfriend?"

- Scott to Emmet

"Ramona, where were you ... oh sorry, I got confused as a person".

- Scott to Wyldstyle

"oh Rammy always together no matter what".

- Scott to Ramona Flowers

"Hello Stephen Stills where we will do the next presentation of the band".

- Scott to Stephen Stills

"Kim what have you been doing? Did you alone defeat all these enemies?"

- Scott to Kim Pine

"Wallace, are you here too? Wow this is awesome and what is your vehicle?"

- Scott to Wallace Wells

"Knives have you improved your fighting movements like you have, did you train playing with the ninja video game?"

- Scott to Knives Chau

"Stacey?! But how was it possible that you managed to get here! This without a doubt must be something big so that we all have to go, we have to stick together".

- Scott to Stacey

"Neil, how unexpected, ready to learn some combat lessons?"

- Scott to Neil

"You again? Our fight will be more impressive than ever".

- Scott to Robot 0-1

"Oh why can't I do this??"

-Scott when he can't solve a puzzle

"Can not be..."

- Scott when he can't solve a puzzle

"Now i will make it"

-Scott when solving a puzzle

"It's fantastic"

- Scott solving a puzzle

"Everyone will be excited when I show them this strange contraption".

-Scott when obtaining a golden brick

"I have to take the bus".

-Scott driving the city bus

"I remembered it more giant"

-Scott driving the Super Fighting Robot

"How many of these flying pigs are there?"

- Scott driving the Bonus Piggy Bank

"Oh it can't be, I was having fun".

- Scott first line when leaving the game

"I'm going aaahh .. I think I'll go to the bathroom".

- Scott second line when leaving the game

"This doll changes dresser".

- Scott Pilgrim third line when leaving the game.

Special moves

In his first special move, Scott thrusts his sword through the enemy and then pulls out a guitar to hit the enemy on the head.

In the second move, Scott will attack the enemy with a supreme combo and will launch an energy ball to destroy the enemy.

Spotlight song

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