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Scott´s Mother
Franchise: Scott Pilgrim
Gender: Female

Scott´s Father (Husband)

Scott Pilgrim (Son)

Stacey Pilgrim (Daughter)

Lawrence West Pilgrim (Son)

Appear in: Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision

Scott's mother is a Non-Playable Character that appears in Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision, is from the Scott Pilgrim franchise, is the mother of Scott, Stacey and Lawrence and is the wife of Scott's father.


She appears in some parts of the original Scott Pilgrim comic however she is absent most of the time due to her traveling in Europe with her husband and her third child. She treats Scott like she is a child even though Scott is already a young adult.



"Can not be".

(When you walk near her in the second Quest)

"Hello, we meet again I want you to help me with this, I want to keep the car in the garage but the garage has been covered with all the new wave of snow and the snow plow is inside so I need you to help me with this, any suggestions?"

(First line at the beginning of the second quest).

"If I think that with those pieces you can build something".

(During the second quest).

"Wow, you surprised me".

(During the second quest).

"Yes Yes Yes!!!! oh oh ... no no no no !!!!"

(When the vacuum cleaner we built in the second Quest removes the snow but you can see the frozen garage.)

"Thanks! You really are someone very good, I have another of those bricks I want you to deserve one for everything you have helped us with".

(At the end of the second Quest).


-Scott's mother has the same design in this game that she has in the Scott Pilgrim VS The World video game.

- She is voiced Winona Ryder.