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Scott´s Father
Franchise: Scott Pilgrim
Gender: Male

Scott's Mother (Wife)

Scott Pilgrim (Son)

Stacey Pilgrim (Daughter)

Lawrence West Pilgrim (Son)

Appear in: Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision

Scott's father is one of the Non-Playable Characters from Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision, belonging to the Scott Pilgrim franchise.


He is Scott, Stacey and Lawrence father, he is also Scott's mother's husband , in Scott Pilgrim comics his name is never said.

He tends to treat Scott like a child even though Scott is already an adult, but he still loves him because he is obviously his son.

In the game:



Hello, nice to see you again.

(When we walked close to him in the second Quest)

I will tell you what is happening, I was trying to go to the bank to get some money but something happened and I cannot enter because the door has been blocked, not only can I not enter to get money but the police believed that I was trying to steal the bank, there is also the problem that the 4 mechanisms that can unlock the door require skills which I do not have, I'm sure you can.

(Line when talking to him in the second Quest

Be careful and avoid being seen by the police.

(During the second Quest)

I will be careful that people do not suspect what I least need are problems.

(During the second Quest)

Thank you very much for all this, you really are someone very talented, it would be good for you to meet my children I think they would understand each other well. I'll give you another golden brick.

(Line at the end of the second Quest)


  • Like the rest of Scott Pilgrim characters that appear in this game, his design is the same as the character in the original Scott Pilgrim vs The World video game. The Which is slightly different from the one he has in the comic.
  • He is voiced by Bryan Cranston